Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wesley's Graduation

Wesley's Mom and Pop watch as Wes gets his diploma.

Wesley's graduation was very special. He was loving every minute and so thrilled and we were all there as witnesses and to share in his special day!

Wes proudly shows his diploma to his Mom and Dad and all the family members.

The Boersma Clan ......Mama Rachel, front left had a special glow this night.

What a fabulous cake!!! Perfect!!!!!!!

Boersma Clan members and their Wesley.

The lovely Randi...soon to be Mommie, and our son, Josh...soon to be Dad and buddy, Wesley. We were thankful they could work it out to drive over for this special night.
For more pics see the blogs on the on OldLadyAthleteWannabe for some great pics!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wes, Congratulations on Graduation Day!

Wesley, here is a shout out to you on your gradutaion day! Graduationg from High School is a big deal and today is your day! It just seems impossible to me as I have watched you from birth and to think it has been nearly 20 years since then is nothing short of incrediable. You have met and exceeded so many challenges thus far and I pray you will continue doing so. You are an inspiration to all of us and your sweet and loving spirit which will be an example to me....and to all who know and love you.

Several years ago I told our son, Josh that he needed to mentor Wesley and Josh looked at me and asked, "what are you talking about....Wesley is mentoring me." I knew right then what he said saying....that we can all learn a lot from Wesley, who is always ready to give a hug, a smile, and ask about your day. Wes is sad when those he cares about are sad. His empathy sometimes astounds me and I know he is very sensitive to the emotional conditions of those around him and will ask you if you are okay when he knows something isn't quite right. ...even pray with you or for you. That is what friends do.

Now before you get the idea he is a saint, he is not. On top of his own special set of daily challenges he has the same sorta of struggles we all battle. He is upset when he favorite team loses a game. He doesn't always get along with his brother and sometimes has another agenda separate from his mom's and dad's. Yet unlike so many he doesn't hold grudges and he doesn't dwell on the negative. Even after numerous surgeries and physical hardships he pushes on and does so with a hug and a big smile. He truly is a mentor.

Congratulations, Wes! We are all so proud of you this day!