Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lowes vs. Walmart

Here is just an observation which also qualifies as a sweeping generalization: Lowes' shoppers have got there act together much more than the average Walmart patron.

Why do you say that? you quiery....weeeelllllll I was in both stores today and I was waiting for Jim by the register of Lowes while he went to pick out an oak board (6' x 10" $40!!!) for the coffee table be is building for me, I noticed the resolve and purpose in the walk of those who came through the door at Lowes. These are "no nonsense folks" who are in the middle of a project and making a mad dash to Lowes to get that one more essential ingrediant to completing their task.

Walmart, on the other hand, has shoppers who appear to be there for something....just not something specific. They are hungry, but not sure what for and they wander the isles reading the labels and trying to decide which flavor, brand, or color they prefer. Or maybe they have some money in their pockets and it is "burning a hole" (as my mother used to say) and they wanna be relieved of this problem.

See I told you these were sweeping generalities. The fact that I was in Lowes proves people who have no particular reason for being there do wander the isles looking around for new and improved their old and outdated whatjamacallits, but many times they are with someone who is on a mission.

So where would I rather hang out? Well, it turns out even if there is no ice cream or candy bars at Lowes, I prefer to be in there. The atmosphere is charged with "I can do-ism" and it feels good just to stand next to the builders and the painters and the plumbers who are going to be making some portion of the world a more pleasing place. It just feels right if you know what I mean.