Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ode to Michelle

Jim and I marvel at the wisdom and eloquence of Michelle Malkin. She is young, beautiful, perceptive, and best of all logical, which is a trait lacking in so many of the talking heads seen on our airwaves daily. Jim is always saying he wishes she would run for office, but I believe she is way too smart for that.

We borrowed her book, Culture of Corruption from a friend and he warned us when he gave it to us. He told us it was a well researched book and what Michelle exposes in this book is most depressing....and he was right. For Jim and I who count ourselves as part of the 50% of Americans who still believe the U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our republic and is nonnegotiable, it was so hard to read. We got close, but neither Jim or I could finish it. If we were not so concerned about what kind of world our children and grandchildren will inherit this wouldn't have been so difficult.

I googled Michelle and found what I had expected. She is vilified (the pictures are terrible!) by those in our country who would enjoy seeing this country changed....changed into a country which would not be recognizable to our founders should they return. A country where the government regulates EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything. She exposes the motives of those who see the constitution as huge speed bump.

So if you check Wikipedia for Michelle Malkin it will tell you just the facts and then you will find out what her detractors believe about her. They will not tell you she is one of the most astute, and intelliegent reporters out there today, but keep in mind these could be the same folks who urged people to boycott Arizona Ice Tea because the governor of Arizona signed an immigration law. (The same exact law our federal govt. already has, but is not enforcing.) And get this..... Arizona Ice Tea is made by a company in New York.

So please check out Michelle Malkin and also read her book even though we didn't have the stomach to finish it. She is a very intelligent, astute, patriotic young woman who loves truth. It is her passion. Hopefully, we will be able to thank her for all her hard work in person someday.

The Blueprint by Ken Blackwell appears to be another book we are going to attempt to read. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Wonderful Easter

Elizabeth has been to Louisiana before, but this is the first time her family has come along, too. It was just wonderful to see them all and get to know them better. This house....which is usually pretty calm (except for our nightly romp with Sophie) is quiet, but this weekend it was full of life. I think it is what a home is suppose to be about so when their mini van pulled out of the driveway and we saw them going up the road all that energy vanished and walking back inside it felt more like a tomb than a home. I guess my parents know what I mean as they always tell me the house seems so terribly quiet when we leave PA to come back to LA. each summer. It is an empty, sad feeling for sure.
We all enjoyed eating at the new restaurant, RAW in Ruston. It is fun trying new tastes, although Elizabeth and her family were more familiar with much of the menu than we are. Josh and Randi like Ruston's new eatery very down changing table in the bathroom so little Frazier had visit the car for a few minutes and both Mom and Dad went along to assist.

Randi made a game...."Marble Sorry" and Josh taught the kids how to play....he also beat them! What sorta Uncle does that? hahaha.... The kids were fine with it and seemed to like playing.


Easter family pic.

Frazier's first Easter .....enjoying time with his cousins, Celinah, Auseta, and Jai.

Egg hunting.

Family picture #2

Waiting for sushi at RAW.

Heading back to Florida.

Frazier and Mom.

During the Easter Egg hunt, Celinah spots an egg in the end of the clothes line pole. The egg hiders did a superb job!

Florida grands muggin' on the deck.

Frazier had had enough of RAW so Aunt Elizabeth gave Randi a break so she could enjoy her meal.

Now that little "round boy" is Grammy's sweetie pie.

Auseta and Jai hunting eggs.

Frazier at FBC, Ruston in his Easter duds....awwww.
Frazier basking in the attention of his cousins.

I don't think the weekedn could have been more perfect!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yes, I am Still Alive

(This is after trying to blow the pollen off the deck....this is damp so will have to wait until it is dry out....wish I would have gotten out there with my camera before Jim got going with the blower!)

Just a little hello to let you know I am still out here....still thinking things over and reading...true, I am reading mostly Young Adult literature, but I am also reading several things which I hope will strengthen me mentally and spiritually....there may be a blog about this bubbling up.

This week I am out of school and Jim and I have been preparing for company.....Jim's daughter and family from Florida. Elizabeth has been several times over the years, but her family has not been and we are excited to see them. It has been about three years since we have seen the kids and know they will be so much different. Naturally we have gotten lots of pictures and can see the growth, but now we will be able to experience them as well.

Elizabeth and her family are vegans so I have been a tad bit nervous, but she called to say she was bringing a huge cooler full of food so I feel a lot better. Josh, Randi, and little Frazier will be here as well for some of their visit. Jim is quite excited about them being her for Easter and him having both Josh and Elizabeth with him in church on Easter Sunday.

Sophie and I have both been sick....I had a 24 hour stomach bug and she seemed to have a cold. She coughed and wheezed, but then it might be the blanket of green covering all of Louisiana...and I suspect the entire south is suffering from pine pollen. As I bat this post out Jim blowing off the deck for the umpteenth time this week. It has become a three to four times a day deal....but we don't like tracking this mess into the house and we are trying to help poor white Sophie not turn into yellowish green Sophie. Anyway, I woke up praising God that we are both "normal" and hopefully have a wonderful day.

I will be making up Easter baskets in a few minutes. Easter really is my favorite holiday simply because it is the day when satan's (no captial letter for satan) plot to destroy the Son of God. Instead Jesus broke the chains of sin and death when He arose from the dead! The ramifications of this miraculous act are so powerful there was an earth quake and the curtain to the Holy of Holies was rent, or torn. (Matt. 27:51). The curtain symbolized Jesus himself. The only route to God was through the curtain into the Holy of Holies, but now Jesus has made it possible for humans who believe in Him to have the Holy of Holies in their hearts. What unspeakable, and although we Christians don't always feel or exhibit that joy as we should, it bubbles up in our souls and transforms this world, which many times appears hopeless, gray, and frightening into a three dimensional explosion of gorgeous color filled with hope. We never weep as those with no hope... because Jesus rose from the dead to open the door to heaven! (1 Thess. 4:13) .

Hallelujah! He is Risen!! - Last year's Easter blog.