Monday, February 15, 2010

Living for the Weekend

Frazier was having so much fun in jumper. We loved watching him go to town!
Below Sophie loved romping in the snow...well for about ten minutes this new stuff was a lot of fun....until her feet got cold and she went running for the house.

"I just live for the weekends." I hear that phrase a lot from the worker bees of our society. Who has not said, "TGIF" and said it with gusto! I just find it sad that those of us who do hold full time employment are always looking forward to Fridays and then start feeling very sad Sunday evenings when they know they are going Jackson Browne sang, "get up and do it again" and return to their place of employment on Monday morning.

I have been trying very hard to change that, but I am finding it difficult. While there are always parts of my profession which are rewarding, there is plenty that feels like torture espcecially if you spend much of your time on hall duty trying to get students to walk down the hall quietly without slapping or kicking each other as they proceed to their next class. I wish I had a meter so I could measure the decibel level in the halls. Maybe one of the benefits we should be lobbying for is hearing aides when the need is apparent. Another challenge is just keeping students from wandering about where they are not suppose to be. This usually stems from trying to get a glimpse of someone of the opposite sex. (YES, I am a proponent of same sex schools!!) And then there is the drooping drawers problem. Each day I tell young men to pull up their pants and to please tuck in their shirts. When I was in college whodathunk! Maybe this is part of the reason the weekend holds such allure. (sorry, didn't mean to vent so much!)

Anyway, this weekend was awesome. We got a bonus SNOW DAY and therefore a four day weekend. Lunch at the new sushi bar was a highlight, movie night with the girls, a Valentines Day dinner party and time to read two (small) books without rushing through them. I really do love the weekends...especially these that are looonnngggg weekends. It couldhn't have been better....well, except for the fact we didn't see "the kids" (Josh, Randi, and Frazier), but we did see them last Saturday (see pic above) which was a wonderful day and then came Super Bowl Sunday our home team the New Orleans Saints won their first Super Bowl EVER! I count that as a fantastic weekend. Everyone was smiling on Monday morning!

So living for the weekends?? Well, maybe I don't LIVE for them, but I sure do enjoy them and look forward to them starting about Thursday evening. I try not to long for them the whole week and I know if I had to skip one it wouldn't kill me .

My husband is totally retired and all his days are weekends......I am not sure I would like that scenerio either. What would have to look forward to come Thursdays? It really is something to ponder.