Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Smallest Anderson

This is the smallest Anderson, Frazier. He is a joy and brings smiles where ever he travels. I will pray he will always be so happy, so secure, so free....I looked into those eyes and thought this is the state the Lord wants for all of His matter how big or small.

I will begin praying all his days will be good ones. I am not so nieve to believe there will never be any saddness or any pain because I know of few people who travel through this life in perfect bliss, but I will pray he will live his life as the Lord would have him live, that he will be submissive to His creator and He will seek the Lord and His will. You see I believe those who are living their lives in the center of God's will for their lives and seek Him are the ones who are whole, free, and at peace in this world.
Here are some of the photos I took this weekend. I think he has as many expressions as I have pics ...and I can't post all the pics I took. As I have said before, he sure is a great blend of his Mommie and Daddy. I did get some pics of Frazier and his Mommie, but I don't think Randi would like me posting pics of her in the am in her pjs. And as for pics with Daddy....well, I didn't get any cuz we sorta "hogged" the baby and Josh didn't do as much baby holding this weekend as usual. Next time I see them I promise to get more pics of Frazier and his parents. Sorry.

This was Josh's bouncy seat and we figure about 10 other babies have used it over the years.

Uncle Ross was by far the funniest thing Frazier has ever encountered....laughing out loud!

Miss Helen also was quite entertaining and he was happy to sit on her lap for quite a "spell".

Grampa Jim worked his baby magic when Frazier got fussy and he was soon laughing and having a great time.

Saturday morning was just perfect....once Mama fed Frazier he was ready for a little cudding.
I had to resurrect the Peter Rabbit blankey that was Josh' is still a fav of mine.

Frazier holds his hands a lot and looks like he is praying or he is really worried and wringing his hands.....I prefer prayer mode.