Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy FIRST Father's Day, Josh!

A couple years ago I wrote a Father's Day post to honor my two dads, ironically both named Chuck, but this year I have chosen to honor the newest Dad in our family, son, Joshua.

Josh became a father July 16, 2009, almost a year ago and over this year Jim and I have witnessed his tranformation from dog Daddy to Frazier's Daddy and we can't be prouder of him. Being protective, tender, and sometimes firm with his sweet little Frazier lets us know he has slipped effortlessley into this new role. Are we shocked? Not at all. From a very early age Josh always demonstrated the ability to encourage others and to show understanding, patience, and compassion. These qualities are especially needed to be a great father.

Now before you think I am deluded and believe our son, Josh, is perfect.... and never has or never will stumble....well, we know this is not so. All of us humans have feet of clay but, I pray he will always meet his challenges and choices with grace and wisdom and will turn, as he has done many times in his life, to the Lord for direction and forgiveness. The Lord's mercy is available and great is His faithfulness and I trust as Josh looks to his heavenly Father for guidance, He will be faithful to provide Frazier with the best Daddy he could have, Daddy Josh.
Happy Father's Day! We love you, Mom and Dad

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vacation Pics

Here are few pics.....thought I would work on this before I made a meatloaf and while Jim is at Lakeview visiting his Dad. I have not taken any pics of Jim's Dad as he spent a few days in the hospital, but he is doing a lot better today so maybe tomorrow I can get some pics of them together. I guess I better go to the store and then Soph and I will go hang out with Mollie and her parents. :)

Sister Julie and Niece Lauren

Nephew Ross and Sister, Julie

Brother in law Jeff and Nephew Ross

Julie and Jeff's

Niece Lauren

Jim and sister, Darlene and brother in law Jim

Jim and Darlene before leaving for a week off.

Love their new "car".

Mollie and her new parents....she is giving me a dirty look. :(

The girls

Julie, Debbie, Paul, and Marcia

Nephew Kyle, Lauren Maura, Julie, Debbie, Paul and Marcia

Jim, Brother in law Rod, and son Jerry

Sister Chris and Jim

Debbie and Missy the Chorkie

Jim trout fishing

Rod and Chris's Camper

Granddaughter Carrie and Grampa Jim

Daughter in law Jeanie, Great Grand Hannah and Grammie Deb

Granddaughter, Amy and waitress extrodinaire

Jim and Great Grand, Hannah

Carrie and hubby, Ben

Gramma Debbie and Amy

Hannah and Papa

Hannah and Gramma Debbie

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Marcia!

Sister Marcia turns 60 on June 10. Because a good number of us were all "home" in Port for Memorial Day holiday Sean (her husband) thought it would be good to party it up so he invited us all to Beefeaters in Bradford, PA. Beefeaters is a lot like the Beef and Barrel...which he would have chosen, but they don't do reservations. It is just lovely as it used to be the old public library. I just love it and not just because I am a librarian....I know it is the oak. I have always been a fan of oak and if you look in some of the photos you will see it.

We missed Julie and Lori and their famlies, but thankfully Aunt Mary and Cousin Patricia were able to be there, too. Speaking on behalf of everyone who attended it was a grand time. Thanks, Sean and Marcia.

60 is quite a milestone and because I am heading that way myself I could get away with a few snide comments. I mean what would a 40th, 50th, 60th etc. be without a few of those. :) Happy Birthday, Marcia. We know you will have many, many more...after all we all know 60 is the new 40! Love ya, Debbie

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Road Trip


Debbie, Sophie, and Jim

Soph riding shot gun.

Mollie sleeping her way north.

Potty break!

We hit the road at 5:14 AM and made it to our destination in N. Central PA at 7:05 the next day. We stayed one night in LaGrange, KY as we always do and ate at the Irish Rover Too an authentic Irish Pub we highly recommend if you are ever in that part of world. I had salmon and Jim enjoyed the Guiness Beef stew.

What made this year unique is we had two bichons in tow, instead of one. Mollie, our rescue dog, is going to PA to live with my parents in the wilds of Pennsylvania. After living her whole life in Mississippi, (other than the three weeks we had her in LA), this is going to be quite a change for her. If she can get the outside potty drill down this is going to be a great fit. Mollie is much calmer and dainty than her "little" sis, Sophie. Sophie who is 2 1/2 years old compared to Mollie's mature 6 years and is on alert 24/7 where Mollie loves her naps and just so laid back. Mollie slept a lot more of the trip. Sophie loved watching out the window and playing navigator while Mollie snoozed away in the back seat.