Thursday, January 31, 2008

You say Dogma, but I say Dog Ma.....

A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching.
--G.K. Chesterton

I just love G. K. Chesterton. He is one of the greatest thinkers of the 2oth century.
I read this quote of his today and have been rolling it around in my mind trying to figure out just what he meant by that. I admit I have read it totally alone and have no idea the context. At first I thought...."that is so true", but I see teachers teaching all the time and I don't know how dogmatic they are....but they are teaching. I guess I have to figure out his definition of "teaching".

I do know the most memorable teachers I had did have a point of view. I also know students want to know what their teachers think on many subjects. They are looking to teachers for some sign of thought. They don't want us to be a shell without opinions, beliefs...they are looking for signs of life. Yet, we are to educate the children.....teaching skills, and imparting information that will be the ground work for a lifetime of learning without evidence of any beliefs or opinions. We are to educate in this very sterile enviornment. Maybe this is where education is is the skeleton without the skin....or a body without a soul.

I might try to find where this quote came from and see what frames it.

Well, this Dog MA needs her sleep.....come on, Soph, let's crawl in....

Night night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome home, Dr. Dale

Well, Dogwood Street (I like to say Dogwood LANE) has not been the same for the last week as Dr. Dale was in the hospital, but thankfully he is back home again. It is great that his surgeries were successful and he can now breath through a tube instead of having a mask on his face....a mask that was increasingly uncomfortable. He also has a feeding tube so choking isn't a threat. Jim and I went down to check and see how it was going and Dr. was back in his spot in the family room. Each transition is difficult, but as usual Dr. Dale was smiling and was very gracious as we tramped in with our new puppy, Sophie. It is hard to imagine how hard it is to give up mobility and now the ability to speak and to eat.

We continue to pray for a healing miracle, but we also pray for the grace and strength for Helen and Dale and all their family to cope. We were reminded in our Bible study tonight that the Lord's arm is not short and that physical healings still happen. We must continue to believe the Lord's in control and He knows best.....but it is tough in this instance. We pray desperately for Dale's healing and contantly have to resist the urge to shake our fists and ask, "WHY!?" Surely the Lord understands our human emotions and forgives us our frustration when we don't understand what is happening to to our loved ones.

It is way past my bedtime and my little fuzzy companion is looking at me saying, "isn't it time to go to bed yet!?" Yes, Sophie it is time please sleep until 6:15 am!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday ramblings....

Deb with "daughter", Sophie and granddog, Gatsby. Poor Gatsby is so tense around other dogs.

It is Saturday....thank the Lord....but there is no football. I never thought I would actually miss College Game Day on Sat. morn. I like all the little story vignettes about the players and their rise over adversity. This is all the stuff Josh hates about the show. Male vs. female I suppose. I also love seeing all the college students in the back ground with their signs. The enthusiasm is contagious and regardless of the school they are visiting it is great to see those youthful, optimistic faces.

Well are you wondering how the puppy stuff is going? It is better. Sophie is sleeping longer and only getting up once. Last night she was soooooo poooped she didn't even freak when we put her in the kennel. She went dead asleep until about four! I got the best sleep. Night before I had major sleep problems because Jim's cell phone was sending us a "blurp" sound every few mins as it was running out of battery and being the light sleeper I am, it was enough to have me feeling around in the dark (musn't wake sleeping pups) trying to find it. After about 15 mins found it in Jim's jeans pocket! URGH! No cell phones allowed in the bedroom at night anymore unless they are FULLY charged.

Josh and Randi are staying with us. I love that....makes the house feel more homey with a few more warm bodies. Josh is out helping his dad rearrange the car port. Lowes is coming to build a two story building this week so all that stuff is going to be moving soon and we will have some attic space. We won't know what to do. If we could get Josh to take his baseball cards home and all the Batman stuff it would be lots of extra closet space. I think I may threaten to sell it on Ebay and tell him we are going to go on a cruise with the money we make from all his star trek cards. (Actually, I have checked this out and I think we might be able to make enough money to buy a tank or two of gas.....but what the hey!) We are counting on our Jim Beam bottle collection we acquired in Illinois when Jim had them as a customer.....although we might have to wait another 50-75 years for them to be worth much. :-) Antique Road Show here we come.

Sophie is a maniac....she zooms around this house and is a typical fun puppy. Poor Gatsby! Gatsby has never admitted to being a dog and when comfronted with another beast in his own image he is totally freaked out. I think it threatens his whole reality and he is petrified as well. Sophie can't understand why this other critter with four legs is so unwilling to interact. Obviously, something has happened to Gatsby. Josh and Randi got him when he was really too young to be away from his mama. I really think he believes he is a person. He actually seems to like Griffen, the Frazier's cat, okay. He will chase Griffen around and just seems different with the cat. (See the pic at the top.) I bet that if they were together for a week or two Gatsby would thaw out. Change takes time.

.... Notice I look as if I have aged about 20 years. This pic was taken at the end of a long day (without a good nights sleep) helping kids with their research projects. If I get tapped on my shoulder one more time I may slug someone. I describe many of my days at school to being nibbled to death by ducks. Most of the students really have no clue and therefore are pretty helpless even though I have been imparting words of wisdom dealing the very subject of research. They are pobably not a lot different than I am. I sorta have to DO rather than just HEAR.... so I understand, but I still get weary. Sometimes I apologize to them in advance if I seem short and tell them it is not them, but I am just wearing down. Sometimes the sweetest kid will ask the most insane question... but ya gotta love 'um, right!?

We were happy to hear Dr. Dale will be coming home on Tues. I am sure he is sick of the hospital. Nobody likes it in the hosiptal.... well, nobody I know anyway. It is the hardest place in the world to get any rest. Go figure. He and Helen are facing some decisions which tear at my heart, but in the words of our plumber/philosopher, "it is what it is" so please remember them when you are saying your prayers. It doesn't get much tougher than deciding to invite the hospice nurses to help out. Jim's son, Joel, had the help of these wonderful people and they were a blessing.

I need to get moving about. Randi just left to go to her parents' and Jim and Josh are in out of the cold. Jim is making ham and cheese sandwiches for the three of us and Sophie is watching all of this activity wondering if there is anything in it for her. Pretty uneventful and sedate..... just the way Saturdays need to be at times.

Praise the Lord.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold weather laziness....

I guess I can be considered a bonafide southerner because it is 46 degrees outside and I can't get warm. The deal with the cold down here is dampness. It just chills me to the bone. But I may be chilled to the bone with dry cold up north. It didn't used to do that to me, but I haven't lived there since I was 33. We were stuck in an ice storm years ago trying to drive home and we decided to go home in summer from then on. I think it is amazing we have gone home every year since we have been married. I talk to people who live far off like this and sometimes they will mention they haven't been home for several years. It is quite a trek for sure.....around 23 hours over two days. It would seem strange not to go to Pa. but there will probably come a point in the future where making that long trip driving will be substituted by flying....and then renting a car and driving two hours into the wilds of Pa.

Anyway, today I have spent my time catching up on the sleep (with my pup in front of the fire place.) I didn't miss too much sleep last night, although it was not too bad. I didn't get Sophie down until a bit after one and she was up at 5:30 AM. I hope we are able to do a bit better every night. We need to keep her awake in the evenings. I love the puppiness, but also long for the time when we settle into a routine and we don't have to watch her every move waiting for the dreaded squat. Poor little girl.....everytime she squats we scoop her up like a giant crane and plop her onto a paper. She doesn't get the paper deal. We really do better just taking her outside. Enough of my potty mouth.

I have a prayer request....tomorrow Dr. Dale has surgery to have a feeding tube and a trache tube in. Hopefully, this will help him to get the right nutrition and also enable him to be free of the breathing machine that is so uncomfortable. Having it on 24/7 must be miserable and it will be good to be able to see his whole face again. Please pray for him to have no complications. We want his quality of life to be the best it can be in the face of this evil called ALS.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Community in Him

BC and LC thanks for the great pics!

Today Jim and I were privileged to be included in taking Holy Communion at Dr. Dale and Helen's this afternoon along with the rest of our community group. The lyrics...."there is a sweet, sweet spirit in this place and I know it is the presence of the Lord..." was rolling through my mind. There is fellowship in the Holy Spirit unlike anything I find in any other group. In Greek it is called Koinonea (sp?). As we sat there listening to Len Woods talk to us about what we learn in the book of Acts about community and the love between believers I was praying for all of us and especially for Dr. Dale. I so desperately want the Lord to heal him. I know it is possible and...not only that but it is not a big deal for the Lord; but if the Lord in His infinite wisdom chooses not to heal Dr. Dale we need the ability to trust and to accept this which is too difficult to accept. Also, as we were all listening to Len's description of the first Christians I wondered what they would do in this situation. I wonder if we had their faith....the faith of those who had just witnessed the crucifixion ....what would these very first Christians do in our place. I believe they would have been gathering for communion and trying to give comfort and love the best way they could and they would PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

After communion, in traditional Louisiana style, we broke out the King Cake and some coffee. No, it was not Community Coffee, and it was decaf., but this didn't put a damper on our socializing. Dale and Helen's daughters Joanna and Barbara were there and also Dr.'s sister, Judy and their youngest brother, Dick. Just like their older brother, Dale, they are creative, intelligent and witty. What it must have been like to be in their family during the late forty's and early fifties. There is the ability in that family that allows them to see the world around them just a bit differently from the average person and to also see humor in almost every situation. Puns and word play are the regular order of the day while they enjoy telling stories and although they are Dutch, I believe there is evidence of the English wit mixed in. Dr. is unable to talk nonstop like the rest of us.....although he never really has prattled on like that anyway, but he has not lost his timing and his talent for sprinkling in the right amount of quips or probing questions to grease the rusty wheels of our thought processes. His body may be changing, but his mind is honed and ready to direct us to think a little deeper....or to see the humor in our lives. Many times he can do it with a word....."play Temptation", he requested as per usual while Jim was tinkling the ivories.

Yes, the early church had their first hand accounts of the crucifixion, but more than two thousand years later it is still fresh and real; people are still gathering to honor Him, seek Him and to give love one to another in His name. I have been a witness to this miracle.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Whatever Sophie wants,Sophie gets....

Okay....I know there will be the "I told you so" comments, but I seriously don't remember this part of the puppy deal. Our little girl, Sophie, is on Sophie time...she likes to sleep two hours at a time, winky tink, and run around and play with toys for about 20 mins..and promptly fall DEEPLY asleep. She is fun to watch and to play with, but I need a bit more sustained sleep. ...and I have stopped wondering what she is thinking cuz it is obvious there is some diabolical plan to manipulate my every move. Underneath this little white fluffy body with big brown eyes that melt my heart is an evil, self centered little imp who would snap her fingers and bark out orders if she were able. Dogs and junior high students have a lot in common.

Also, this cold weather is not condusive to training. It seems it is too cold outside to tee-tee so "we" have to wait until we get back into the house to find an appropriate spot. We are going to buy puppy pads as soon as the stores are open. Thankfully, she appears to prefer the tile floor to carpet. We will put these pads in the same place for a few days and once Lola gets the idea that is where she is suppose to do her business we will move them outside and place her on them. Supposedly, this works like a charm....we shall see. Last night my mother and I were on the cell phone talking about these pads at the same time Jim was on the landline talking to Jeananne about them.... neither of us had heard of these before! We lead sheltered lives I guess.

Our friends, Jeananne and Charlie, got a Yorkie Poo yesterday...that is the same type as our granddog, Gatsby.....and experienced users of puppy pads. They seems to have researched all of this better than we have. Maybe Sophie and Zoey can have a play date....althoughSophie is almost 4 lbs and Zoey is about 1 1/2 maybe we should wait.

Sophie likes to be next to Jim. Last night we would move her to my side of the sofa and she would stay for a few minutes and then find her way back to "Dad". I am trying not to get my feelings hurt. She doesn't seem to want to be ON our laps, just next to our laps. Gatsby on the other hand wants to be ON our laps when he is here. It does make using a lap top tough so Lola is more laptop friendly.... but I always feel so special when Gatsby "pops" up on the sofa and jumps onto my lap and goes to sleep....I wish I could go to sleep as fast as these dogs do! It really is amazing.

I can't wait to see Gatsby and Lola together. Hopefully, Gatsby will like this fuzzy little girl. Gatsby isn't too keen on any dogs ......he thinks he is a kid. .... and that is probably what makes him so endearing. I still miss him. He has a personality all his own. I am wondering what sort of personality Lola will have. She is coming out of her shell. She was sooooo timid at first, but not anymore. She tired to jump off the sofa and I know she hurt herself. She cried and limped for a while. Ahhhhhh...guess she can't do that yet.

Okay....I will try not to write about Lola every blog.....but it might be hard for a few days (every once in a while I accidently call her Sophie...what is that about?? Maybe that is her Real name. Finding the right name is tough. We have been try out several names and we considered Loralu, LuLu, Lily, Lola...and Lola seemed to fit, but now...Sophie!? Just comes out....strange! Will we have to change her name? I just did it again.....I don't know any Sophies except Sophie Tucker...there I go showing my age again. I have to leave the room...I don't trust her around cords... what do I do??!! I need a play pen? I don't want my lap top cord chewed up. Good grief!!!!

Jim just woke up......and she is all excited. I guess second banana isn't a bad gig... ;-)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I agree we are crazy

Okay....we know we are crazy, but we got a puppy....a Bishon Frise. She is almost 3 months old. She was born on Halloween. We think we are going to name her Lola, it will either be Lola or LoraLu. It is hard to decide.

She is sweet....I think she is in shock. She has been caged up with this little yorkie boy pup for weeks and they are fast friends playing all day. I bet they will miss each other. ahhhhhh....

Jim was the person who really wanted the doggie. I feel sorta sick at my stomach because we will not be quite as foot loose and fancy free now, but I think Jim was sorta lonely. He was the one that went down there today and called me at work. So far she seems quite timid and very, sweet. ahhhhhhhhh...... I will keep you informed don't worry. I hope Aunt Lola likes her nephew, Gatsby. She is timid so I think Gatsby might get along with her. I sure hope so!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crossing over...

We had a wonderful small group tonight. I had never seen this before.....this is a very succinct version of the gospel.... it is all in this paragraph!

Men of Israel, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through Him, as you yourselves know. This man was handed over to you by God's set purpose and foreknowledge; and you with the help of wicked men, put Him to death by nailing Him to a cross. But God raised Him from the dead, freeing Him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on Him. Acts 2:22-24

When the people heard this , they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?" Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Acts 2:37-38

I relate to this being cut to the heart business....the dread. I too am cut to the heart because I have not honored His gift and I have not trusted it.... I need to believe the Word and I need to function as a believer .......a vessel of the Holy Spirit....and ignore the enemy's whispers telling me I am unworthy and I am inadequate. As a good friend reminded me, "we leak" and we need to seek the indwelling of the Spirit daily. Without this indwelling we are unable to proclaim the truths of God in a way that impacts the world. We believers are only as good as our ability to depend on the One who is able to empower us. I am inadequate and ineffective as long as I act like a two year old who cries out, "I can do it myself." Roaming around in the wilderness for 40 years is not my idea of a good time, but it is familiar. What makes me keep believing I can do anything of real value without Him?! I know in my heart I can't but I behave as if I can. Arrogance and ignorance....and maybe pride are at the root. Lord, have mercy on me. 22 years is long enough on the wrong side of the Jordon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blah Blah Blog

I think half of all the commercials on tv are car commercials.....

Yes, my first car was a (Levis) Gremlin....I had to have it to drive from Edinboro to Girard, PA to student teach. It was $2,000 and had blue jean seats. It was soooo cute even though a lot of people thought it was a purple car...NO, it was NOT a purple car!!!!! It was BLUE!! I had to always have cinder blocks in the back to get around in the ice and snow. I also had a shovel in the back with some sand. You have to be resourceful when you have Gremlin and lived on a hill in the north. I thought it was cute....didn't care for the Pacer though....another '70s fopah. I would have rather had a GTO or maybe a mustang, but hey.....the price was right and it had 22,000 miles.

Now I have a Camry and I wanted one before they were barely on the market. I read about the extensive engineering that went into it and thought they sounded practical. That was in 1985 0r 1986. It took me about 20 years to get a Camry, but they are everything I had hoped and I really enjoy driving it. I test drove the Highlander and I actually felt more at home in the Camry....but I am sorta thinking the next car will be the will be a while tho. We pretty much use all our cars up before we get rid of them.

Ok.....American Idol (Jim is in his "stamp room" with his fingers in his ears) is back on and I just saw a good audition....Christy Lee Cook. She sang Amazing Grace and although it was a bit too country for my taste, I believe she has the raw talent to go the distance in this write this one down. I don't know if she is the best one this season, but she is one of he better ones I have seen....she is a horse trainer from Oregon who does marshall arts and she is very pretty and has great shoulders. I always notice shoulders because I never have had any to speak of....probably lack of exercise.

Here is the secret to watching these shows. I never watched them until I had a DVR (aka Teevo.) That way I can speed through the stuff I hate and skip the commercials. It takes waaaayyyy less time. Yes, I even speed through the car commercials. Why does this show captivate me? I don't know.....real people with real aspirations and goals and some with real talent.

Okay.......have you figured out I don't have anything to say? I could talk about how I have been watching FOX on and the Michigan Caucus is going on and how disappointed I am that my guy, Fred Thompson is not even in the running. Jim and I are saying that we feel we don't really have a dog in this fight. We have never been McCain people and Alan Keyes is out.....I guess our next choice is Huckabee....but we have some reservations with him. And what is the deal with Ron Paul? If this dude pulls a Perot we are going to end up with a socialist in the White House. Maybe the Clintons are donating money to the Ron Paul campaign.....I think it might be a smart move on their part. Sorry Lora... :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lori, me and middle sister, Julie at my collge graduation from
Edinboro U. , near Erie, PA. in is windy near the lake. We all have our mouths open.... haha.

Just talked to my little sis, Lori on the phone. There is not a more enthusiastic girl. She is in sales and has been since she got out of college in 1986. She doesn't take no for an answer and she has never met a person she can't talk to....perfect combination. She and her husband met when they were in a band that played a lot of Led Zepplin. I was in Illinois and I never got a chance to see this band, although I did see a video once. She could give Robert Plant a run for his money and she had the same hair, too. She has always loved to sing....Joe, her husband plays the drums and Lori is the vocalist. These days they are playing praise music. I am so excited about that because I remember 15 years ago......too bad Lori and Joe couldn't redirect their energies to give glory to the Lord. Now I like rock'n'roll, but once the Lord found me I decided His music had to take the forefront. It feeds your soul and the other just seems to add to the craziness of this world. When I was young I didn't realize the hole that this stuff was filling.....I know now it actually was feeding me, but it was feeding me junk food. It is a wonder my soul didn't dry up and die completely.

Anyway, Lori is so receptive to the things of God....and I am so happy she is not only being fed, she and her sweet husband, Joe are helping to feed the sheep. Praise is a wonderful ministry and her enthusiasim is contagious. They have even played at a Christian Coffee house, Holy Grounds.....don't ja love it!? Joe and Lori are both so busy ....with two children who are into soccer, cheerleading.... (Hannah's group won third place at Disney World a couple months ago), baseball, piano lessons, guitar lessons....well, needless to say if they can make time for their praise band along with their jobs and all their activities.....then non of us can make any excuses. When I talk to her and she starts telling me all the things she is doing........I get tired. Lori walks daily and is in very good shape....Joe does the tredmill. I guess they have to get their engines reved up first thing in the morning. I want to go hear their band.....she sent me a sound clip of Mary Did you Know ....for Christmas and it sounded so good.

Back report.....Jim's back is feeling better. He has quit using the cane, but I have warned him to be careful. It seems he is going to be driving back to Lafayette tomorrow to attend the funeral. His friend's father died and he wants to go....the only reason he won't go is if he has a set back with the back deal.

Found out my friend, Lora, finished her marathon this am....I am thankful. I know how badly she wanted this. I really wasn't too worried, but I know there is always a chance of an unforseen problem so I am glad it all went well for her.

Colts just lost to San Diego.....we are sad at our house. We wanted Peyton to go to the Super we will watch to see if Eli and the Giants can beat Dallas. Josh has always loved the Giants. He had a Giants uniform when he was in second grade.....and a jacket and a knit hat that he promptly lost soon after he got it for a Christmas gift.....but we have always been for he Giants and generally we are for Dallas, well except for when he is playing anyone named Manning. Jim loves that family....just thinks they are swell. Seriously, he has a lot of respect for those boys and their Mom and Dad.

Our Christmas tree....although still standing in the corner. It stood naked for several weeks before Christmas and now it is standing naked after. Maybe we should just leave it until next is pretty and it s green. I had a silk ficus at one point, so this is a pine...what is the big diff.? They both collected dust. Seriously tho, we don't have any place to store this new tree cuz it is a lot bigger than the old tree had for 20 years....well, until we build our building we so desperately need. Jim wanted to disassemble it today, but not until his back is a lot better. I could hang hearts on it for Valentine's day.....haha

Here is a tiny taste of the concert we saw.....listen to this Andy kid on the fiddle....he has such a great ear!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Home, sweet home....

I think it is good for me to leave home because it is always so good to get back. When we went to our room in Lafayette yesterday afternoon....Jim said, "Home again." He spent more evenings in a Holiday Inn over the last 18 years than he did at home. I guess he should say that. He never wanted to go any place on the weekends so maybe now he won't mind a little get away sometimes. I am over due for some travel.

We enjoyed the dinner at the Blue Dog almost as much as the concert. They have the best food at that place and I love all the pics of Tiffany...the blue dog who must be part border collie, staring at me. The concert was very good. The Heymann Center is really nice (comfortable seats....Jim was thankful for that). I hope to be able to visit there again. Ricky Scaggs and his band were awesome and of course it was wonderful to see Bruce Hornsby again. I enjoyed the fussion of their music and a lot of Bruce's tunes lended themselves to the blue grass style very well, but I think I prefer seeing Bruce with his band doing the Bruce thing..... and Ricky is amazing and I didn't feel I got to experience him playing like he normally does. Now don't read what I didn't was very good and very interesting as well. We enjoyed the music very much and I would recommend this show to someone if they were asking....they were in Mobile tonight. I will tell my relatives in NJ to check them out when they get up there in April.

Jim and I were amazed and excited to see this young guy (age 26!), Andy Leftwich, who was the fiddle player. He was just amazing.....we think he could probably play any style. He was just so000 good. We read on the net Ricky Skaggs invited him to join his band when he was 18 years old. I know he probably has worked very hard, but it is obvious he has a God given talent. He also plays the mandolin. He was our favorite part of the whole evening. We see on the net he has his own CD and we are thinking we might invest in one. We found a clip on the net of this Andy Leftwich when he and Kentucky Thunder play, "I am ready to go" at a Gaither renunion. I will try and put it way down at the bottom of this blog under all the posts. You could always go to youtube and type in Ricky Skaggs and you'll see the title of the song.

We were on our way home today when my Mom called to tell me my Aunt Marie died in a nursing home early this am. It was not a surprise. Aunt Marie and her husband, Uncle Bucky, owned The Canoe Place Inn....which is currently on Jim's and my home town of Port Allegany. Jim played piano there and I was a waitress....many moons ago. It is where we met. ....anyway, my Aunt was our boss. She (my dad's sis) loved to make people laugh and she always had the most stylish shoes and clothes. Sometimes I think I take after my Aunt Marie when I see another pair of shoes I just love....and just have to have. I know that my toes look a lot like hers did... not like my mom's. Last time I saw her it was very sad. She was glad to see my mother and I, but she just wasn't I guess I am not sad. I hate being so far away when things like this happen in my family because there is no closure. Jim and I both feel badly about her passing. Sometimes Aunt Marie could be sort of a pain... she drove my dad nuts always telling jokes...she told a lot of the same ones again and again, but we both remember her fondly and feel badly about her passing. Out of the eight children my grandmother bore, there are now two sisters left. When my grandmother passed away she had already buried two of her sons. It won't be long and that whole generation will be gone.....probably in 15 or so years we (our sisters and cousins) are going to be the oldest ones in the family.

Tomorrow my friend, Lora and her friends run their marathon....over 26 miles. Please say a prayer for her....and for her friends that are running, too. I can't imagine! She has been training for quite sometime and this is it! She is amazing to me. She has six hours to run it! I don't want her to have any injuries or to just have problems.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

...give me more faith....

Our Wed. small group is starting into the book of Acts .....what a unique book of the Bible! There is no other book like this one. The Holy Spirit is the central character of this book and His role in the life of the believer is explored. I am praying for new revelation because I believe I need one desperately.

I have some fear concerning the Holy Spirit, but I think there is a lot of that going around amongst Christians so I don't feel unique. I think this is mainly because we are afraid to give up the control we so dearly love....even if it is ultimately an illusion. I wonder if the Lord smiles to Himself as He views us planning our futures. Now don't get me wrong we all of us must have a plan, but we must understand that our plan is second to the Lord's and regardless of the appearance (appearance vs. reality?!) His plan is the best plan. ( it is awesome when our plans are in alignment.) We see through a glass darkly and we are unaware of the BIG picture. At some point in our existance....which is eternal....we may understand the Lord's purposes, but I am pretty sure the Holy Spirit's primary purpose will be to give God glory and to promote His plan. We don't have to understand and it sure isn't all about us. (I wonder if Joel Osteen or any other popular tv preacher, ever tells his church that?)

Now this is soooooo easy to say, but I find myself pleading and bargining and trying to understand....asking questions ...crying out for His help. I believe He understands our humaness and doesn't hold that against us and He is even heart broken when we doubt His ability to handle our struggles. Lord, give me the faith I so desperately need....forget the understanding, but for now just give me faith.

I am about out of gas.....we are suppose to go to Lafayette tomorrow. I sure hope Jim is better.....he is still moving slowly. We are thinking maybe his back is missing Holiday Inn beds so we are heading off to sleep in one. Now see....if we had a doggie it would be a hassle to pick up and go....I want a bishon, but what to do with one when we are gone. It is hard to believe we had Max for 16 years, but then we never went any place, and when we went to PA he just went, too. Maybe a dog is a bad least for a while.

Night night

Monday, January 7, 2008

LSU WINS!!!!!!

Well, it looks as if Ohio State is repeating last year's performance with Florida.... crazy! I really thought they would still be so angry from last year they would be tough to stop, but LSU has a great team and Ohio State, as good as they are, are no match for the Tigers. I know so many people who are going to be so happy tomorrow cuz LSU won this game....especially my pal Wesley. I am still a BIG 10girl...just didn't know anything else growing up.....but congrats to LSU players and fans.

We are suppose to go see Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Scaggs...I am praying Jim's back gets good enough to go. It will be sad if we can't use our tickets. That was a Christmas gift. Jim was on the sofa all day long trying to get well. He said he ought to be able to get well enough.....I know he is resting and trying hard to be well for a lot of reasons.

Later, Debbie

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We are terUUCK folks now...

Rode to church in the terUUCK today..I had a heck of a time getting up into the truck with a long straight skirt on. The truck is a 2000 Chevy S10 .....and is fine, but I prefered the company car...a nice low to the ground 2007 Impala. We can take my/our camry, but for some reason Jim wanted to take "the terUUUk" have to say it like that at our house. (Jim is starting to remind me of Hank Hill... ) Anyway, it is just one of many little adjustments I will have to make to this retirement gig Jim has now. He has a lot of plans concerning building stuff, but unless his back gets stronger....or probably his abs is more like it, it is going to be tough for him. He fired up the chainsaw today and cut down a small dead tree in the yard, but he felt a pop and his back was out. I told him I don't feel sorry for him as he knows what excersices he needs to do for the prevention of this occurance, yet he doesn't do it on a consistant basis. He sure wouldn't feel sorry for me if it were the other way around!

Tomorrow night is the big game between LSU and Ohio State. I bet if it were in the afternoon "they" would close all the schools in the state. Being born a northerner...ok "Yank", I sorta would like to see Ohio State they are a Big 10 team and that is what I grew up knowing about.....Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan and the U of I. (When we were in Illinois we got to attend a U of I game and that was so exciting.) There are 11 teams in the big 10 right now, go fig! Although, I really don't have any love for Ohio State....they are not one of my favorite teams...they are representing the Big 10...but there is my friend, Wesley, who will feel so bad if LSU doesn't win. So I am torn. I guess I hope the best team wins and there aren't
any bad calls.

Well, the Republican candidates are debating on Fox....I really like Alan Keyes but it appears he isn't even being considered viable....he isn't included in this debate. Alan is so right on he gives me chills. Maybe the Lord wants him to be His prophet instead. I got a chance to talk to him in person and he sure tells it like it is. But as I listen to this group's answers I lean towards Fred Thompson......but I need to make a grid or something so I can compare these guys on the issues. Huckabee seems pretty good...but I need to know how they stand on several issues. We all need to begin praying now for MERCY and for the Lord to put HIS man in office. I think George Bush was His man for this time in history and I am thankful that. I cringe when I think what could have happened.

Ok....enough rambling. I better get to bed. Tomorrow is Monday and I have several boxes of new books to get processed. I love the smell of the new books and I can't wait to introduce them to their new home and to the old should see the kids' faces when I tell them stuff like this. I tell them to check out some of the lonely books that used to be so popular and nobody loves anymore. They usually end up liking those old lonely books, too.

Nightie night.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back in the saddle....

Heeerrrrreeee's Johnny...another quote from Jack Nicholson....he said that in The Shining. Lora guessed my quote and I wonder how she figured it out.

I have not been blogging too much since school has been back in. We were only at school for three days, but for some reason it seemed like about 6. Strange. It was funny how many of the kids asked their home rooom teacher or the office secretary their locker combinations. Two weeks and many of them were clean slates. You could tell on Wed. morn many of them were used to being asleep at that time. I sorta felt that way, too.

Jim came up to the school yesterday and assembled the new library counter/desk that has been sitting UNPACKED leaning against the history shelves blocking the World War II books for the last 3 1/2 months. He is stiff today from being on his knees...up and down and he has blisters on his fingers and he wore the skin off of his palms. When you want to get something done ask a Swede. Usually they are fast and it is done right. My aunt was married to a Swede and she used to say that a lot....and you know, I think she was onto something. Jim's only problem is he has some eye sight problems and that makes things more difficult. His depth perception is messed up and what used to be a snap is more frustrating for him. He has more patience with it than I would. I will take a picture of the new arrangement. I think I need to purchase one more triangle to make the whole thing even. You will see when I post the pics.

Headaches....I have been having headaches and I have one right this won't be long. I guess I don't do well with the heater running a lot. When the weather warms up I expect these to vanish. The other day I got to work about 8:15 because I kept getting sick and would get half way down the driveway and have to drive back up and run for the house. Finally, it started to get better and the nausea subsidded, but I was totally wiped out. I kept telling my library aides to please give me some space and to work on their bookshelves. For some reason they ask me a lot of questions and they kept trying to talk to me and I felt badly, but I wanted them to leave me alone until I could think. I didn't want to take a sick day because I knew the drugs would eventually kick in. I must have looked horrible cuz people kept asking me what was wrong....haha.

Last night after some gumbo at Ponchatulas went to visit with the Boersmas. It is always good to see Dr. Dale up in his chair. I know he enjoys being with his family and friends, but I sometimes worry that we are "wearing him out". The noise at school tires me and I am a healthy person. Last night there were friends from Hattiesburg, kids, grandkids, granddogs and us, the wacky neighbors. (Just call Jim and I "Fred and Ethel".) and Holly. She is their adopted college student who is also a neighbor! (Yes, she too has her whacky moments!) We were all laughing and talking and I noticed Dr. Dale was smiling, I guess he doesn't mind all of us. We all love him and seeing him in his current condition is tough so I can't imagine BEING in his condition. Please pray for him. I believe in miracles so pray for the Lord's healing touch that he could be made WHOLE again. It is hard to believe just one year ago Jim and I would get out in the evenings and walk a mile or so around the neighborhood. Doctor would set the pace and the rest of us would try to keep up. This is still so hard to accept and hard to believe. Doctor Dale is dealing with this with a grace that must be given by the Lord.

I loved seeing Wesley and Aaron and their new pups Mochi and Otto. These Chinese pugs are soooo soft and very sweet, even tho Jake didn't appreciate their visit. I need to get some pics of those dogs.

We had some news yesterday. Randi's parents, Josh's inlaws are moving to Texas. Randi's father has taken another job much like the one he had here, only in Texas. They will probably move to Marshall which is 23 miles from Longview where Josh and Randi live. I enjoy our holidays with the Fraziers and wonder how all of this will change all of that. Josh informed me that because so many of their friends have moved from Ruston and now Randi's parents being so close to them there is going to be a lot less reason for them to drive to Ruston. I know that is just the facts, but it gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I need a little soft dog.

I need to get some pills and close my eyes. Maybe I will blog a bit later. Deb

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guess who

I was goning to skip the blog thing today, but I found an interesting interview on the net..... it is by one of our top movies stars. Here is a taste...wanna guess who wrote this? (no fair using the net to figure it out.....)

"I envy people of faith. I'm incapable of believing in anything supernatural. So far, at least. Not that I wouldn't like to. I mean, I want to believe. I do pray. I pray to something...up there. I have a God sense. It's not religious so much as superstitious. It's part of being human, I guess."


"I respect the social graces enormously. How to pass the food. Don't yell from one room to another. Don't go through a closed door without a knock. Open the doors for the ladies. All these millions of simple household behaviors make for a better life. We can't live in constant rebellion against our parents -- it's just silly. I'm very well mannered. It's not an abstract thing. It's a shared language of expectations."

These are both from the same interview.... I remember feeling that way about people of faith myself, but the Lord loved me enough to draw me to Himself. I will pray for this person. A lot of people were praying for me when I met the Lord....not sure how it all works, but it is awesome when it does.

Time for B -E- D!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wonder Year - 2008

January 1,, I think we are farther into the future than Buck Rogers was...seriously though, when I was in grade school we figured the world in 2008 would be crazy..... If you think about it A LOT has changed. A lot you can see with your eyes and a lot you can't. But lest I turn into an old coot whose favorite tv show is the Wonder Years who drives through life with my eyes in the rear view mirror, (wishing I could still leave my car keys in the ignition and the windows rolled down with my wallet on the front seat without a second thought), I will try to find what is still good in this USA and keep my eyes straight ahead. I am counting on all of you to help me do this. I don't think we do anyone a favor...especially ourselves....when we look behind us too much. We are to press on and live in the present. We can be nostalgic and we can cherish memories, but I know from personal experience the "good 'ol days" can become better and better with each visit and sometimes hindsight it very blurry....and not so accurate. We have to work with what we have and we do it one day at a time.....and with a lot of prayer.

I probably am not making a whole lot of sense. I just have a tendency to wish it were 1983 or 1968 or 1991....I need to be happy it is 2008.

I am tired and a bit depressed about having to go to school tomorrow. It is like stage fright. Jim's first retired day is tomorrow. He always took vacation when I was out of school, but he would be going back to work tomorrow if he had not retired. It is so strange to think he is going to be here all the time....sorta scary, too. But I think it might be great. He will be a lot of help. His back is out right was messed up a few days ago and it was getting better, but he just went to stand up and something popped and he is moving rather slowly and wincing a lot. Hopefully, he will be better tomorrow. Our tempurpedic bed is almost like therapy. It seems to make his back better most of the long as he doesn't sleep on his stomach.

Ok ...that is all I have. I spent the day putting up all the Christmas stuff. Everything is put away except for the tree. I always hate to take down the tree. I spend a lot of time getting the ornaments in just the right spot and each one is sorta a friend. I remember where almost each one came from and I quiz Jim as I get them out. He has no idea most of the time. He is saving his gray matter for more important information. Maybe I am looking back way too much.
P.S. I really do love the Wonder Years