Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who is this Man?

I have been seeing pictures of Che Guevara for what feels like forever. I remember walking into a dorm room with my older sister when I was in ninth grade and seeing a HUGE poster of this guy and wondering who he was. Later I saw numerous individuals on campus with his pic on their tee shirts. There was even fabric with his image made into scarves, bathing suits, or other types of clothing and these items still are sold in 2010.

When I was in ninth grade there was no google and needless to say I didn't rush right to the library to read up on Cuban history and find out who this Che was. So I came away from my first encounter believing this must a great guy....after all I saw the posters and students wearing his pic. So I believed these highly educated people should know what is what and he must be quite a hero!

A few years later I encountered Che in my college experience. Professors were seen wearing Che tees. So I began asking questions. He was tauted as a freedom fighter and a person trying to help the little guy. A populist? A martyr? A Hero? Che's ideology demonized successful business as oppressive and cruel. Over time I bought it hook, line, and sinker and next thing I knew I believed that capitalists were evil people and socialists and communists were compassionate. It was the zeitgeist. I have no doubt if someone would have handed me a Che tee I wouldn't thought twice before donning it. Heck, I was a charter subscriber to Mother Jones magazine.

Now I do find it bizarre I never stopped to think the very reason my education was being paid for was capitalism. As a small business owner, my step father, was a capitalist ,(even if I didn't realize it) an employer who provided health care and disability insurance for his small printing operation. I remember periods when times were rough and he paid his employees and he didn't get a pay check due to a bad month, yet he worked hard and kept going even when business was slow. Yeah, sounds pretty evil doesn't it.

FYI.....Marx thought there was a natural evolution for governments: Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism....with Communism being the superior form of govt. I don't remember, but I bet in 1975 I thought that made perfect sense. Now I am appalled I was so easily swayed.

But back to Che. I have noticed his image has never gone away and neither has what this image represents. Carlos Santana wore a Che tee shirt to an awards show a few years back. Obviously he didn't know Che's Cuban govt. banned the listening to jazz or rock in roll. It was a crimanal offense to the Cuban state. Crazy! The Cuban government banned personal and music of all kinds. Why would Carlos want to wear this man on his shirt?!

Luckily I got to find out who Che Guevera was up close and personal by visiting Cuba. I know that to Cubans Che represented fear. He was a killing machine, a terrorist, a sadist, and a racist. There was rape, torture, and human mutilation under his direction. He set up the first forced labor camps in Cuba. We know this is the truth by reading his own words. Can you imagine Cubans who came to the United States seeking refuge from this man and his ideology....refuge from those who killed their relatives and seized their properties and belongings in the name of "freedom".... seeing college students sporting this image of this murderer.

Let us look at words spoken by Che Guevera:

"If in doubt of a person's loyalty--kill them."-Che Guevera

( He writes in his diary about shooting people in the head and describes it in detail. He was called the "butcher of LaCabana Prison".)

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolustion! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate". --Che Guevera

"The negro is lazy and indolent and spends all his money on frivolities and booze."--Che Guevera

"The USA is a great enemy of mankind. Against those hyenas there is no option by extermination. --Che Guevera

"If I had nuclear weapons I would use them including in the very heart of NYC." --Che Guevera
I think some of those quotes should be written under his photo on the all tee shirts so people understand what they are promoting when they wear these shirts!

Hopefully, those folks walking around with Che tees on have no idea what they are wearing. They wouldn't be caught dead wearing a tee shirt with Hitler's image, but essentially it would be the same thing. I believe Che would have killed the huge numbers of people Hitler killed in order to promote his ideology, but thankfully he never got the opportunity for his killing to reach into the millions.

So.....knowing what I have learned about Che Guevera....these tee shirts are not only offensive and repugnant they represent an icidious evil ideology which not only has finally slowly and methodically wormed its way into the concisousness of many of our most educated, but also into those who are at the highest levels of power.

More on that at a later date.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Giving Voice to Late Night Frustration

Once upon a time there was a girl (ok, I hear you, but indulge me for a min) who got approx. 2.5 head colds a year and they usually were gone within 4.5 days..... UNTIL THIS SCHOOL YEAR!

Starting about Thanksgiving I have had a head cold pretty much non stop. Yet, this weekend....our loooonnnnngggg MLK weekend. I felt great; did some Wii Yoga, ran around the house A LOT with Sophie (yeah, we run and run in circles until we are both exhausted..NO, it is not pretty.) and enjoyed the life of a "healthy" human for the first time in what seemed like forever. My nose was still a little drippy, but hey, there was nothing else going on....sore throat, runny eyes, cough etc. I was thrilled to be "well" ....but then it started again and as of right now I have totally lost my voice. URGH! Hard to teach classes without a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the fact I have hall duty between each class and coughing and sneezing 7th and 8th graders are ALWAYS present....I am checking in books handled by the aforementioned germ infested patrons.....not to mention several coworkers who are fighting all sorts of maladys. Plus, I have always thought the dust in the library, which we fight daily, doesn't help matters at all. (Guess I should mention there is dust in my house I fight all the time, too. Don't look so shocked!)

So what do I do? Well, since Jim retired I have been going to bed earlier and earlier and I eat on a regular schedule. Two things I rarely did before he retired. ( He really is a positive influence.) Not to mention I am always wiping things down with Clorox wipes (especially at school) in an attempt to avoid cold/flu germs. I use my Neti pot daily and when it is dry in the house I run a sonic humidifier at night. I really feel I am doing my part in this fight...not to mention vitamin C and multivitamins etc! Jim has even started making fruit smoothies that include a few leaves of spinach. (Thanks Lora, cuz if I HAD SUGGESTED SUCH he would have just glared at me like I was nuts and never even gotten the blender out of the cupboard!!) Yes, he is playing offensive due to the drips, too.

Have I gone to the doctor?....well, no. Why? Mainly because I see no sign of infection and I have a fever like two times for a few hours and it was very LOW. I have learned that docs are very reluctant to give antibiotic unless these two conditions exist and I have had docs to pat me on the head and tell me to take the same medications I was already using, but I must admit I am leaning toward a doctor's visit so you know I am finally coming to the end of my chain.

(I just reread this post and in light of what is going on in Haiti....and other tragedies, well, in short, I am feeling very thankful head cold and all.)

BACK TO BED! Night, Night :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Half a Year, Frazier!

This is a picture of Frazier and his beautiful Mom, Randi. She is a natural as you can tell by this picture. She even let him take off his stiff jeans so he could be more comfortable. If he could talk I know he would have said, "Thanks, Mom!"

Frazier, our younger grandson, is 6 months old today!! We can hardly believe it has been six whole months since Frazier James Anderson entered our world. Time truly is flying by and I want it to slow down so we can savor these sweet baby weeks. He will be a full fledged kiddo soon enough.

Frazier is such a pleasant, sweet little guy. He even smiled when he was sick with a cold and fever. Such a ray of sunshine in our lives and we are looking forward to so many milestones with this little guy, Lord willing.