Friday, July 8, 2011

Foto Recap

Our trip to PA has been jam packed as usual....but having Josh, Randi, and Frazier up for a week was such a bonus! Texas is a long way off and we are not sure when they will get back to this neck of the woods so every minute they were here their company was so very much enjoyed by all.

The pictures below are not in exact order of events....but they will give you an idea of what we have been up to these last few weeks. There will be more coming I am sure.

Today is raining so I am not getting the painting done I had planned to do....although this afternoon looks good for getting that done. Tonight we will eat a fish fry at the Moose and then head for Allegheny, NY to hear Jer's church group play at a coffee house. We have never heard them and are anxious to do so.