Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 25th, Randi

When Josh was about five or six somone told me I should be praying for his wife. At first I thought, WIFE!!! He is a little boy and that is a long, long way off....but then it was explained to me that you pray for his future bride to be safe, to have Godly influences in her life, and to have integrity....and just to grow up surrounded with love. Wow! Did the Lord ever answer that prayer!

So Happy Birthday to the little girl I was praying for before I knew her name....Happy 25th, Randi. We are thankful for you. Love, Jim and Deb

I just love this picture of of Randi. She looks to be about four or five in this picture. I will have to ask her Mom and Dad exactly how old she was here.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Deck Raising.... Laboring on Labor Day Weekend

I have been dreaming of having a deck since we moved into this house twenty years ago and today we had a deck! I know there is a lot more to do and Jim will be building benches and railings for sometime, but it is great to look out the sliding glass doors and see the expanse.

Friend Dan was good enough to give up he weekend and come to Ruston from Mississippi to help. Not only did he drive over here, but he brought a lot of his tools.....which has been a great help. It is very humbling when someone will give up free time.....which really is one of life's most precious commodities to help out this way. Dan brings years of building experience and had some great suggestions. THANKS!!! Jim and I are so forever grateful.

Son Josh also gave up his last holiday of the summer to help out. He was able to haul the wood, pull the boards in tight and also screwed some deck boards down. I know he has done a little building...mostly on mission trips, but this was something new and I am sure he learned some valuable experience. THANK you, Sweetie!

The upper deck boards go to the right and the lower deck is diagonal to the left. It made it a bit tougher, but we think it adds some character and beauty. (easy for me to say....I didn't screw a single screw!)
Neighbor Helen walked up the hill to check out the progress and thought it looked really nice. She rarely comes up anymore due to her caring for Dr. Dale, so it was such a nice surprise. She got a chance to meet Dan and chat with old friend, Gail.....and get a close look at Ace the Puggle. Helen has pugs and has wanted to see Ace up close.

Pearce Lumber delivered more deck boards at the last minute....they close at noon on Saturday. We called them at 11:35 and they came right away...they were awesome!

Sophie had been watching their every move for a long time and then she finally pooped out and went to sleep. I know she was wondering what was going on out there! I think she likes it though.

Josh and Missy and Randi and Sophie.....Ace is admiring his girl friend, Sophie. Notice Randi with her eyes glued to the tv watching the TECH/Mississippi State game. We were all glued to the tv watching as LA Tech whooped up on MSU! 22 - 14!!! You won't see Randi glued to football very often so I thought I had better get a photo! This game is one for the record books..... Congrats to Coach Derek Dooley and his team. AWESOME!

Here is Gail and her sweet kids. Missy is subdued and a Mama's girl for sure. Ace just loves everyone and everything....he even loves Kitties. He is a sweet boy.....Sophie sure thinks so. They raced around and played until they were both so tired they couldn't move. Both of them slept like rocks last night.

Ace thought he could talk his Dad into giving him a little steak. This little puggle doesn't give up easily. I finally can you resist that face!

A great steak dinner....good job on the steaks, Jim.....and Gail made some great twice baked potatoes.....there was bread and salad and I bought a strawberry cheese cake (Happy Birthday, Randi!) and a baked an apple pie. It reminded me of the pictures of all the people eating on the grounds after a barn raising.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 38th, Elizabeth!

The first thing I noticed about Elizabeth Grace was she looked an awful lot like her Daddy.....more than Joel, Jerry, or Josh. When she was little she had a split in her front teeth just like Jim. It really was uncanny how much she resembled Jim. It is sorta hard to believe she is 38. Like I keep asking...where does the time go!?

I think she is a gorgeous 38. Doing Yoga is keeping her young, along with being mom to three youngins. Keep it up, EG!

This is what Elizabeth looked the first time I met her...back in the spring of
1980. She was nine. We took a trip to Busch Gardens and had a great time. She was only nine but could carry on a conversation like an adult....I didn't know too many nine year olds so I didn't realize how really smart she was. Now that I see kids all the time I understand how outstanding she was as a child.

Remembering a fine day....

Three years ago today on August 27, 2005 Randi Elizabeth Frazier and Joshua Wells Anderson became husband and wife. It was a wonderful day watching these two young folks who love each other so join their futures in the pressence of family, friends, and most importantly, God. The Lord's pressence was felt in that chapel.....and it was glorious. I knew it was all good and although Josh was moving away from us.....he was in the palm of God's hand and in His will. What else can a parent desire. We also gained a daughter...and that has been such a blessing.

v> Happy Anniversary, Josh and Randi. We love you so much.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Framing it Up

Here is a the framing being done for the deck. Jim is doing a great job. Everything is level and square. His dad was a builder all of his life and loved every minute of it. Rudy said he couldn't wait to go to work every day. Jim has to have some of those genes and he is enjoying this process. Pray that his back loves it, too.
Here is the frame of the upper deck. I came home one day last week and this was all done. Jim is making sure everything is square, level and plum. It really is shaping up and I can't wait to see how it turns out. It is getting easier and easier to imagine what it will look like.

This was done today. Yesterday he put the posts in the concrete and today he began the lower frame. He will continue working on it the next couple days. It is going to be very sturdy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog Mamas

Yes, I admit it....I am a Dog Mama....and as I am writing this Sophie is peaking around the doorway looking at me as it to say...."Come on! It is time for bed!!" She is smarter than I am about many things. This is Jeananne and Zoe and Sophie (a Bichon Frise) and me. We got our puppies only days apart and they just about the same age. Zoe is a Yorkie Poo just like granddog, Gatsby. She is a doll and loved by her mama.....yes, and her pop, too. Both of these girls are ruling their roosts and provide us with many chuckles and smiles.

Below is Dutchess.....Jeananne's dog before Zoe....who disappeared...possibly stolen. Jeananne and Charlie are still mourning the loss of Dutchess....who could actually say, "I love my Mama". I saw that with my own eyes and if you don't believe me they have it on video......she also could say, "I'm hungry." She really was one of the best behaved labs I have ever met....and such a sweetie, too. I miss her.
It is amazing to see how we love our pups. Most of the Dog Moms I know go to great lengths to make sure their pups are loved, happy, well fed, and get lots and lots of affection.

This is my daughter in law, Randi, and her "darlin'", Gatsby the Yorkie Poo. Gatsby spent a day at a dog spa in Dallas while she and Josh went to the mall. It sounded like a wonderful place for a pup and I told Jim we need to go to Dallas so Sophie can have a day at the Petopolis. They get to play with dogs of their own personality type and size.....and she would LOVE that. Gatsby was tiny and fragile when he was born and Randi took such good care of him I sometimes wonder if he would have been in a family with a house full of little kids....who tend to be rough on a puppy, if he would have made it.

This is Joanna and her little pug, Lucia, who was found tied to a tree covered with bug bites and starving. She has loved little Lucia who is now so healthy, well fed and happy....with a beautiful coat. Lucia is so cute now and such a bundle of energy compared to the first time I met her. She is so blessed and I think she knows it. She loves to come to Granny's and visit her buddy, Jake....see him swimming with his Mom.

Above is neighbor, Helen (Joanna's Mom) with her buddy, Jake. She exercised Jake and his brother, Duke, in the pool. (Duke was Jake's brother who had a terrible accident and had to learn to walk again...and getting in the pool was the best way to make him stronger.) Helen rehabed Duke and exercised Jake day after day because she knew it would help....and it did. Duke got stronger and his dog Mom, Helen saw the fruit of all her work. Duke has left us, but Jake is still a great source of joy for his Mama.

Friend, Gail has a Puggle...half Pug and half Beagle named, Ace. He is her sweet boy and she enjoys exercising him around her neighborhood every day when she gets home from work. What a cutie. He is a happy and healthy guy. He and his Mom, Gail have gone through some changes but are now settled and happier than ever. He also has a new sister....(below is Missy) I had a cute picture of Gail and Missy and I just can't find it on my computer. I will get another sometime to post. Missy is a rescue Yorkie. She had heart worms and Gail has made many trips to the vet so Missy could have her treatments....which took several weeks of over night visits....not to mention the expense. I would say Missy hit the jackpot when she met Gail and Dan. They love her....she is quite the pretty girl don't ja think?

Yes, Sophie, Mama is coming.....well, it is off to bed, but one more sentiment.....
I wish I had a picture of my Mom and her "son" Bailey the yellow lab and my sister, Julie and her black lab, Murphy. Bailey is an oldster and Murphy a youngster and both of them are loved very much. I know Bailey isn't going to be around too much longer. He is 12 and that is old for labs and his Mama....and Papa are going to really miss him. Murphy and Julie have the same relationship most people have with their teens....they love them to death, but they are looking forward to a time when things are a bit calmer. Murphy really doesn't act that much different than Sophie, Lucia or Zoe....he is just soooo much bigger and that really makes a difference.
I was talking to a woman the other day who told me her son was in Iraq and the other son had moved out.....but she has this little Schnoodle who makes her laugh and just is such a joy to her. She and her husband are enjoying having the little pup to love on.....and while they are a lot of responsibility .....and sometimes a lot of trouble, they will give you a kiss on the cheek or nuzzle you and it just makes you feel so happy.....and it is hard to imagine life without them.

" Hi, I am Missy......come up and see me sometime."
I will do another post sometime on our pups who have gone on...yes they are still missed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy 16th!!!!!! Birthday, Aaron!

Aaron is multitalented....he is good with a video camera filming football games or even a wedding here and there....and he is a great golfer......and now he is 16!!
I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite "kids". I have known Aaron almost since the day he was born....even met him when he was just hours old in the hospital. What a cutie. He has always favored his Uncle Mark, but looks a lot like his Dad....but in truth he looks like his Dutch grandfather, Doctor Dale. I won't bore you with all the good things about Aaron, for you see he is quite a grand child...(right, Doctor and Granny) and I don't want to give him the "big head".

I keep thinking there is not a much bigger milestone in a youngin's life than turning 16! (Right, Aaron?!) Being able to ALONE! It is soooo exciting....the lure of freedom....just being able to move freely from place to place without having to be driven by someone else is amazing and I will never ever forget the way I felt when I was 16 and getting my driver's license. I have rarely met a 16 year old who feels any differently. I assume Aaron is beside himself with excitement. (I know our son, Josh, couldn't wait....and it was a relief to a Mom who was tired of playing the role of chauffeur.) But even with all the excitement and joy, there is always a little nervousness.....especially for those of us who are fond of these fledgling drivers.

Driving is serious business, and yes, it is scary watching a teenager you care about drive out of the driveway and down the street to parts unknown, but it is a rite of passage for sure and all part of growing up. I am going to be praying for you be careful....and the drivers you meet on the highways and bi ways to be careful, too. (I really will be praying.)

So...Aaron, my friend, Happy Birthday and remember while you are enjoying the ability to drive yourself here and there.....PLEASE drive defensively cuz there are a lot of goofy people out there and not all of them hide out in libraries....and some are hard of seeing.
Oh yeah....I owe you a fruit smoothie. You can drive.....I have a helmet.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All decked out....

The ledger is installed. I am glad we will be soon covering this concrete with wood. I think it will be so much friendlier or something. I am wondering what Sophie the fluff is thinking about all of this. She is very, very interested and doesn't miss a thing.

This configuration is not set into stone yet....but at least I realize this is going to really happen! I have been waiting for 2o years for this! Jim just never had time to do it and we rarely hire anything done.....sooooo that is why it is 20 years.

Jim shows me the height of the lower deck. I guess we will need a couple steps down right there. The lower deck will go all the way down to the tulip tree. I think the hot tub would be nice down there. I wonder what all our squirrel friends are thinking....they too are very, very interested as this is their domain, too.

Jim has started our deck....and it will be on the front of the house....almost like a front porch. Here are a few of the pictures. He really hasn't started the deck exactly. Planning is the most important part of the whole process and he is laying it out to make sure of the dimensions and he has put in the ledger under the sliding glass doors. He had to drill into the slab for this and that made me very nervous, but it appears to be fine and he didn't have to drill in too far.

We are still talking about the size of the deck. We will have an upper rather square deck and a rectangular lower deck that will be longer than it is wide....make the whole configuration like an "L" shape. I think a nice hot tub would fit nicely into this plan, but Jim is not a plumber and he is not crazy about the whole idea of doing a hot tub. That would mean more permits and he hates all that sort of stuff. Josh said all I want is a human bird bath.....something to dip into if I am sunning I really don't need a hot tub, bust a blow up swimming pool so I can cool off while I get a tan and read my books. But then I think of the sciatica that has been driving me crazy all this week. ( I have never had this before and it really does hurt!!) I am thinking the hot tub might be just the ticket!!!! What do you think?