Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Ramblings

Imagine my surprise when I started typing this post that it was coming out in Hindi!! Somehow I had enabled something gadget/widget option ....who knows. And though I have often thought of myself as an "enabler" (someone codependent ...a possible cause or an accessory in the event of anyone I have ever met doing anything crazy, insane or foolish), I never ever wanted my posts to be typed in Hindi! (not that there's anything wrong with that!) I guess I need to keep an eye on my myself better. Sheeesh! Anyway, this post is now "disabled" and as you see I am able to type in my native tongue or something which closely resembles it.

New Year's Eve! A day to reflect.....a day to clean out......a day to "lay up" on the sofa and watch a movie? Well, let me just say I have been dusting and straightening, but I am not up for taking down the Christmas jazz just yet. We didn't get it all up until a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving, so it seems to me it needs to stay up just a bit longer. The house always looks less friendly without snowmen staring from every corner, so hey, lets just let them stare a bit longer. I am also not up for making any life changing resolutions. When I think back on my life the biggest changes were those which seemed to just happen, but in hind sight to be perfectly placed and timed.

Back to the reflecting part. I have made many a New Year's Resolution only to have it broken, so no more of that. I am only going to make two attempts and that is to eat healthy and pray more frequently and for longer periods of time. I will be praying for you and I will praying for myself. Hopefully all the other would be resolutions will be unnecessary in this light. After all our heavenly Father wants us to be whole and fulfill His purposes. So if I keep my eyes on Him, pray and listen.....listening being the toughest part for me (being pumped up on sugar pretty much keeps me from listening :/)..... all other things will fall into place and I will have no doubt about walking in the paths put before me so very, very long ago. (I am talking about "before the foundations of the earth" long!)

"Cop out!" you cry. Well, maybe, but for me it is my feeble attempt to not give myself yet another to do list, or set myself for failure or another opportunity to beat myself up for not measuring up. I want to see each day as a gift, an opportunity and a blessing. We are never promised tomorrow, but we do have today and each day can be just what the Lord desires...if we can just hear from Him. Yes, the scripture does say, "Be yea perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect", but as overwhelming as this scripture is, I know He also sent Jesus because He knows we are not perfect and will never be so. Only by allowing Jesus to actually become my covering and trusting Him to supply that perfection/righteousness will I ever come close! Hence the praying part is CRITICAL. And I confess that although I do pray, it is not near enough and usually I don't enter into His presence during that exercise.

So here is the plan for 2011 Eat (properly for a change to help my ability to focus), PRAY (which includes the listening part I mentioned), Love (the bi product of praying for people.)

Hey! Crazy as it sounds, that might make a good book title!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very nice Christmas.....

It was a lovely Christmas.....but with all the baking and preparation it is now history and leaves me feeling a bit low......I wish I would have snapped more shots.....but that is per usual. I guess when you are enjoying yourself and are "in the moment" you just don't think about taking pictures.

I wish I had my own fur coat so I could go out in the cold.
Frazier chatting it up with Lindsi. (He was really telling her something important!) I didn't get Patrick's pic....sorry Pat! Pat and Lindsi are going to be parents and were asking Josh and Randi questions and observing Frazier. They know they are in for a big, big change and are trying to prepare. I think that is half the battle. Being parents will make them better people just as it has been doing to parents for generations.....more selfless.....can't help it. Love for your kiddos has that effect of parents and that is what makes them such a blessing.

Even Josh enjoyed helping this time.

2000 piece puzzle all the way from Belgium, sorta......we have finished and are on to the next one already!

Cute Jammies! Thanks, Nama!

I wanted a quick pic and neither of them we on board for sitting still!

Favorite time! Can't help but love bath time even if your fingers and toes prune up.

Visit with cousin, Anna. Frazier was mimicking the jingle pals and naturally it was adorable!

Going to Mae Mae and Pops for a visit!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Shots

This is the 30th year anniversary of this little car! New and improved with eye balls! These pics were taken at Frazier's Great Grandparents. He thinks a guy can't have too many grandparents! They always have a REAL tree and that is a treat as we never do! Maybe next year :) .
What! A giant bumble bee. Frazier made a buzz sound telling us "what the bee says".
The Cuffari's sent a bee for Frazier to hug on while he watches The Bee Movie!
Josh is in the background getting a Merry Christmas text from HS bud, Patrick.
I have some talented daughters in law! Randi beaded this basket and spoon to match!

Wow Jeannie!!! How BEAUTIFUL....this must have taken a lot of time!

Randi and Josh talk to Belgium on their Skype.

The "fun" part about Christmas is the assembling!

Randi loved the gifts everyone sent to Frazier. Thanks everyone!

Randi and Frazier came out to see the helicopter fly! Great job, Dad!

Josh with his remote helicopter. We thought he might like a toy....we know that boy!
Jim and Soph....notice Sophie's tongue....what in the world. Maybe she was mad a someone.

Trying out his new bike....which Daddy can steer. Very cool!!! Thanks Walmart :)

Grampa Jim and Frazier walking Sophie. Frazier loves to walk the fuzz!

Christmas Eve Crawfish and Taco soup fest after church :).

More pics to follow.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Celebrating Christmas.

Each year you will find me Celebrating........... Dec. 25th.......a day to enjoy fellowship with family and friends......a day to enjoy the sights, sounds, and the wonderful scents and flavors of the the season.....and a day to reflect on the birth of God's son and His role in history and most importantly the role He plays in our daily lives and ultimately our place in His eternal kingdom. And even after being a Christian for nearly 24 years I sometimes find it tough to wrap my head around the incarnation..... fact that God was born in a barn, walked among us and was willing to teach men about His kingdom and to ultimately lay down His life (very painfully I might add) so those who believe can be with Him in eternity, but I believe it with all of my heart.
This is Christmas.
Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15