Wednesday, February 27, 2008

...and for something for different.

My voice is a bit gruff from this cold. I love Sophie's voice....not the barking part. I like it when she pants cuz I can hear this little kid voice in there. I can only imagine what she would sound like if she spoke.....but I am not expecting it any time soon anyway.....although my friend's lab used to say, "I'm hungry", and "I love my Mama." I wish I had gotten that on video.... it was something to behold!
I will try to get less facinated by this puppy in the future, but she is still the new kid on the block and hard for me to ignore. I wonder who she is going to turn into. She doesn't shame easily and that worries me a bit. Even Max, our poodle of 16 years, would be ashamed when he did something he wasn't suppose to, but this kid....a brazen vixen and she looks at me like I must be the one with the problem if she does something she is not suppose to....the ziet giest of the 21st Century!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mending on Wednesday

Ok....I am staying home from school tomorrow as I have gone into cough stage....and that is sooooo attractive especially when you cough so hard you almost gag. My poor aides. I was pretty cranky today too and I just don't need to be there in that state. My hubby is out in search of cough remedies and maybe a decongestant. Usually this stuff just has to run its course. In the last three years all my colds never really became full blown....but I am blowin like crazy now even while using the neti pot about once an hour. (Is there a Neti pot annonymous?)

Sophie is running around doing her cute doggie thing. She is so much fun...she sneaks up on her toys and then attacks....what goes on in her tiny doggie mind...(she is no border collie that is for sure)....then she stops and starts barking at me like hey, watch this, Mom! She tears around and hops and throws toys up in the she is in her bed. She winds up and then runs out of gas and plop she down for a nap. She has been NEARLY sleeping all night....I guess I need to wake the wiley little beastie up, but I just don't have it in me.

American Idol is on the "idiot box"...that is what my dad always called the tv. I think he named it that because of the expression my sister, Julie and I had on our faces as we sat transfixed watching I Love Lucy. We both had imagine two little girls breathing through their mouths with blank expressions. We were doing all our laughing on the inside....Anyway, American Idol just doesn't seem as good this year. I never started watching this pinnacle of culture until I had a dvr cuz you can watch almost two hours of Idol in about 30 mins....zooming through all the junk....commercials and sappy personal stories. Most times I can even listen to about half their song and get the "big idea" as Mr. Bates my biology teacher used to say. (Remind me to tell you about Mr. Bates who taught high school biology for about 60 years....I am not in the mood right now, but he has a street named after him back home and is quite memorable.) As I listen to these guys sing I wonder if America is holding this the best talent out there? Hmmmm......just doesn't seem quite as good as the year that Taylor Hicks won. I guess I half watched it last year. Jim HATES it....but then he hates most all tv shows. Unless they are building something, hunting something or arguing politics he could care less. I know I would have hated this stuff about 30 years ago....I was a purest Barry Manilow for me, only super groups. I have mellowed A LOT.

Like Sophie, I too am out of gas. I am wondering where Jim is with my drugs...I hope whatever he brings me makes me sleep soundly. He said I was snoring to beat the band last night and Sophie let out one tiny little wimper and I stopped cold and sat up. A true Mom reflex....he said he couldn't believe it. I remember the time I was sound asleep in my dorm and my hamster tip toed across the newspaper on the floor by my bed and I heard it and immediately KNEW the critter had escaped once again. No, I never miss a thunder storm in the middle of the night.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of "Caught in the Neti Zone". Oh good here comes my meds! Yippeeee!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Achooooo! Hey, girlie, don't punch me.

Well, it is official this is not dog allergies....this is a real live head cold. My nose is red and raw and I am neti potting it up big time. I think the neti pot makes it easier as I feel great for about 20 minutes after I use it. I feel almost normal and then bam it is nose is running. So if I do this neti pot thing about every 30 minutes I am great......but can't exactly take it to school with me.....or can I? I have a little sink in the back room. Can you imagine my library aides if I do that. They already think I am a bit strange! hahaha...don't think I have it in me.

[in reference to "Girls' Night Out" post from 02/23/08]
Talked to another friend who was also went to the same musical event this weekend(.... a mini Woodstock if you will...) and she talked to a guy she has known for a long time... quite some time later his girl friend walked up and hit her and said she was gonna beat her up. Well, my friend had almost forgotten talking to this kid .....she had talked to numerous people while there....she said the girl hit her pretty hard and threatened to %^*i*#*#@+*~!!! She said she just thought it was so bizarre. She didn't respond at all and the girl seemed confused cuz she was expecting a fight. She was thrown off balance by her response and walked off. This is another example of violence. It reminded me of a piece I watched on the news a few weeks ago about increased violence in females....well, it appears it has come to Ruston. I don't remember ever seeing anything like these incidents in the past ANY place. I know violence is as old as time itself...remember Cain and Abel....but it just doesn't present itself in most social situations. I have attended this event for several years and don't remember there ever being violence. I think it is indicitive of our time. People didn't have to worry about shooters being at the malls or in our schools even ten years women are ready to punch people out at a drop of a hat. So what is the cause? What is happening in our culture to make more people choose violence as the way to solve problems? I think it is scary and I wonder where our culture is headed. What do you think? Is this a trend we are gonna see more of? I know a girl who was leaving her cousin's house and was attacked from behind by a girl she had never seen before and the girl stuck a pen her eye. Luckily it was in the corner of her eye so she will regain all of her sight, but that story has stuck with me.....seems she thought she was someone else. although that is no excuse. That was a couple months ago. Most of the female violence on the news special was female attacking other females. Crazy....the gentler sex? After all Cain and Abel were males. Is there any record of female violence in scripture?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the two shall become one...

Jim and I traveled to Natchitoches, LA for glorious wedding on Sat. (We made it with the help of "Sweetie" the GPS....thanks LC and BC for letting us use the ol' girl.)
The wedding was unique and so joy filled. The love this couple feels for each other was over flowing. Ellis, a wonderful singer, sang the most beautiful song to his gorgeous bride. I don't think I will forget this wedding anytime soon. The Holy Spirit was there in a big way. It was a true worship service. I am so glad Jim and I were invited. Hopefully, we will be able to make it back there sometime. It is the neatest town and there are bed and breakfasts and good restaurants. If Ellis is preaching we can get up on Sunday morning and visit his and Melinda's church. The Lord had Ellis wait a long time for this day, but I could see in his face it was all that he could have ever hoped and prayed for. God Bless him and Melinda.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Girls Night Out

Got a chance to spend some time with gal pal....(I know corny).....Gail and her lovely daughter, Sara. Gail comes back to Ruston every now and then and it is always great to see her. She was "sans Dan" Friday night....he was home putting in the new bathroom. He is a one in a million. Anyway, came home took a good long nap so I could go out later...haha. We went to hear music and it was very good....and very LOUD. I know I don't think that now just because I am getting older because I have ALWAYS wondered, "why does the music have to be so loud!!" About two hours of that and I am through. But was a fun evening and I also saw my friend, Kim and her husband, Paul. The music was good....well, to me anyway. Jim stayed home as the Almond Brothers and ZZ Top are not really his thing. A kid came up to me while one song was playing and he said, "Is that a ZZ Top thing?" I guess I looked old enough to know...and I do remember when the song was new and fresh many years ago, so you see he made a wise choice by asking me. I enjoy being around those young people...many of them I watched grow up as I subbed in the schools for so many years. I chatted with several "kids" in their 20's who I remember so well. They usually recognize me and ask me if they drove me nuts. Many times I have to tell them yes they did. Also, I talked to one of the band members. He is 29 now and I remember him very well. He was not one of the gang...not really a member of any group and we had a lot of conversations about the chuch, the world, and the devil. He told me he had two little kids and loves spending time with them and he rarely goes out at all cuz he is so into his kids. I wish I would have had time to talk with him a bit more because I will never forget a conversation I had with him at Ruston High about why he wouldn't not be going to church anymore. It was something that really still pains me to this day because it involves the church I presently attend. It was one of those things that scars a person and those doing the scarring don't even know or care. Young kids can be incrediably cruel and some youth group members were critical of someone who wasn't like them and it was very sad. This probably isn't making a lot of sense, but I did hear a song that was perfect for all of this. It is from the group, Casting Crowns.....and it goes something like this:
....if we are the body....why aren't His hands reaching, why aren't His hands healing, why aren't His words teaching....if we are the body....why aren't His feet going, why is his love not showing them there is a way....there is a way.

On a sillier note, I won't go into detail but there was a fight between two girls/ first time to see something like this outside of school. I don't see fights all that often, but I have seen enough to make me a bit numb to them. Everyone asks me what these gals were fighting over.....all assume it is a guy.....well, we didn't ask and I am not sure anyone did. It was interesting to say the least. A few minutes later the same two appeared to me best buds. I wish I would have had my camera.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Crash

This is a picture of my sister, Lori, and her husband, Joe. She has really curly hair and that looks like that girl who plays in Three Men and a Baby....what is her name? Anyway, she straightened her hair after being "frisby" (we called her that when she was 2-5 years....along with other interesting nick names....) and now her hair is straight. TOO Strange!!! They were at the Sweet Heart Ball ....the tickets are high dollar but the money goes to their public school to fund grants for the school improvement. New Jersey...nothing but the best.

I had all these plans for tonight and I ended up falling dead asleep, but it was one of those things I really didn't have a choice. It was that sinking feeling I get and if I don't get some sleep RIGHT now I might get sick. I get nauseous and shakey. I am probably not getting enough sleep during the night. Some people need eight hours instead of 6 or 7 and maybe I am one of those folks...or turning into one of those folks....but here lies the rub. If I got to bed early I feel like I don't have any life outside of school. Now don't get me wrong I like my school life even if Junior Highers suck the life out of me....but I also like my life and I want to have time to do things I need to do...even if it is just something like bake cookies for the wedding shower I am helping to host. (I was going to do that tonight, but alas I just don't have it in me.) I baked a cake Tues. night and brownies on Wed. I will just have to do the cookie thing on Saturday morning before we drive to Natchitoches for a wedding on Sat.
My friend, Gail, the newly wed, is coming in this weekend without her hubby....he is busy working on their new addition.... and I wanted to get to see her for a bit. Everything always happens all at once. That must be some universal law.

It is two minutes to ten and I am going to bed. Jim always wants to go at this time, but I coax him to stay up for a bit longer....maybe if we both went to bed at ten each night we would both have a lot more energy....think I will try it out. I will let you know......I know this is sooooo interesting to everyone. haha
Goodnight all....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Notebooks, strange folks and watching modest pups

I am thinking of starting a notebook just to keep a chronicle of strange people. You have to admit there are a lot of strange folks out there! Yesterday as I was watching Sophie tear another toy to pieces I decided to go get her at toy that could stand up to her pirana teeth. She has ripped the nose off her kitty (a cute pink kitty Randi found for her) and she has shredded her terry cloth hippo and taken all the stuffing out of her "cute bone toy". (Gatsby was so attached and so possessive of his CBT they had to hide it from him... doggies love these $1 toys.)

Anyway, I decided to go to the new Dollar Tree by Walmart and see what they had to offer. I wandered around and checked out all the $1 items. I found the dog and cat toys and there were a couple with ropes and picked out one. As I was checking out with my dog toy I commented to the check out girl that I hoped my dog would like it and then I said, "She is a real pirana." Behind me at the end of a conveyer a man of about 70-75 was putting his items on the belt. His wife was with him....and he perks up and says, "Whose a pirana?" Now you had to hear his was more like he was asking, "Who are you calling a pirana, Lady!" I said, "My dog." His tone totally changed and he said, "Oh, ok." hahahaa I swear he thought I was dissing his wife or something. I thought about it on the way home and I had to laugh and I wished someone had been there with me to laugh with me. This guy was quite a distance from me when he said that. I wouldn't have even thought he was listening. I thought he and his wife were talking and not paying any attention to me at all. Stttttrrrrrraaaaaannnngggggeeeeee!

Sophie is on the floor chewing this new toy.....a rope loop with a piece of nylon tent like material in the center....making it a frisby like toy. She is working hard to get the piece of nylon off of the rope. We have provided her with toys and thankfully she appears to realized those are the things she is suppose to play with and she has left our stuff far. We really like her and think she seems pretty smart, but she doesn't know to cry at the door. She is getting the message she is not suppose to do her business inside, but that is only making her more sneaky. She tries to run off and find a corner. A friend of mine is convinced her dog doesn't like to do his business in front of people. I am beginning to wonder as we wander around the yard, Sophie on the end of her cute little leash and she is looking back at me like ...."do you like people following you into the bathroom?" Thankfully she does what we call "the whirl and twirl" before getting in position....sooooo if we watch carefully we can grab her and take her outside before something actually happens. Here is the rub, you have to watch her every move all the time. Well, that gets tough. Jim is so excited about me being home cuz he is free from watching....I am now The Watcher.

He is out in the yard barn. He spent almost all day Sat. and I imagine he will be out there all today. He took our electric radiator heater down there with him today. He finished the insulation on Sat. and now it is time to put up the paneling. I am anxiously awaiting the time we will be able to put the "stuff" out there.

Well, I need to get dressed and make a trip to the grocery store. I want to try something with egg plant. I love egg plant and have never cooked anything with it. I saw someone of the food channel make some lasagna with egg plant and it looks like something worth trying out and it looked fairly easy...I am not much of a cook. Here is my problem....when I try a new recipe I rarely make something perfect on the first try. What I should do is try it over and over until I make it just right, but that gets expensive and instead I say....I will try this differenly next time but later I have totally forgotten what mistakes I made the first time. Make any sense?! So that is another notebook right? I could have a whole house full of notebooks....just trying to make up for lost memory capacity. (heavy sigh).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

No News is Good News.....

I have a problem because FOX News is on the TV at my house much of the day and I am thinking of giving up the news. WHY?! You gasp..... because it is so sad and depressing and I have no control over any of it. As I am typing this they are talking about the meat cleaver case...they said the guy has mental problems! No duh!!? I just wish I could hear something I don't already know. Same goes with the political blather. I rarely hear anything that is surprising. I told someone in 2005...after hearing a speech by Barak Obama...(the dude has charisma and sounds sooo positive!!)....that he would probably be the democratic nominee for president and possibly even our next president. I am not 100% sure that he will be THIS time around, but knowing the shallowness of the American public (Paris Hilton had her own tv don't argue with me about that!), he seems to fit perfectly. He is probably a great guy, I just don't want him for Pres. as I have said before. Anyway, my point is, that I rarely see anything that surprises me so why do I watch? I am always telling my son Josh he needs to watch the news and he tells me he doesn't need to because he checks the news on his computer and reads those stories he is interested in and the rest he ignores. He watches tv, but he watches shows on the History channel and Discovery. It might just be the best idea after all. Jim gets himself all lathered up everytime he hears Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Al Sharpton, Barney Frank....I could list a long line of liberal politicians. Frankly, the whole scene is so predictable....what they people on the tv are going to say and what Jim will bark back at the tv set. I am bored. If I were just to listen to the nightly round table with Britt Hume, Fred Barnes, Morten Kondrake, Maura Liasan, and my favorite, Charles Krauthammer it ought to get it for me and a half an hour of local Monroe news. I have grown tired of Bill O'Reilly and even the never quiet, Sean Hannity (I do like Sean tho) can get on my last nerve. Much of it seems so redundant. I am wondering if this is just a mood or a passing whim. I know one thing for sure, I never want to hear anything more about the evil Vandersloot kid again. It is too disturbing to think there is such careless disregard for life out there in the world. It is this sort of news that is so hard on people. We hear it, but then it goes on and on and on and it makes me feel helpless and fearful. Can that be good?

Jim is on the floor playing with Sophie. She is a fetcher. He is laughing and she is running and sliding. He really does like her, he is just weary of the puppy business he deals with all day when I am at school. On Saturday and Sunday I take over some of the load so he enjoys being the noncustodial parent for a few hours. A few minutes ago I caught her lying on a rug by the door. I wondered if it was her way of saying she needed to go I took her outside and we were successufl on both fronts. She needs to get more vocal so I know what she is thinking. I feel this way in dealing with some people. I try to figure out what they are thinking by looking at their body language cuz they are so stingy with their words. I think a lot of body language is as subtle as Sophie's so if we were as attentive to other people's body language as our dogs' we might understand each other better. Just a thought.

We saw the Boersmas for a couple hours today and again we are struck with their demonstration of strength and grace under pressure...mixed in with courage. I am not saying there are never moments of saddness, but it is not the predominant mood. It is very difficult any way you slice it. again, I am asking for you to remember Dr. Dale, Helen and all their family in your prayers. Thanks.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day to Everyone

Happy St. Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there... check out these neat cupcake we had at the LaBlank's house last night. Everything looked and tasted sooooo good.

Jim and I just returned home from Olive Garden. We went there with our Sunday school class. Good food and good company. We missed a few people, but for the most part everyone was there....even Bo. We will be anxious to see Ann when she comes.

Sophie stayed in the bathroom all alone while we were away. We put her bed in there and a puppy pad and a dish of water. It appears she had a "conniption fit". She had messed all over and spilled her water. We think she just gets so panic stricken to be alone she freaks out. We are going to have to start leaving her a lone for periods of time. She has not been alone hardly at all so we are going to have start leaving her alone. I need to get that dog whisperer book.... I have figured out I don't speak dog. I thought I could figure it out, but I can't. Maybe she will mature and get an understanding of what is going on and she will realize we are coming back and she will go to sleep and quit being frantic.

I had planned to post some pics and to write more.....but I am too tired.....sorry.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Numero Uno is the beagle, Uno.

After all the years of the Westminster Dog Show a beagle has never won until yesterday. Uno the 15 inch beagle is our champ this year. My first dog was a beagle/spaniel mix, Toby. A smart and fun dog. I am happy for Uno and his owner and for all the beagle owners. Snoopy and Underdog must be very thrilled. My older sister had a beagle who never lost his puppy looks named Poldy. Poldy...after Leopold Bloom one of James Joyce's characters. Poldy was a wild child, but the cutest little beagle I have ever seen. He jumped off my parents deck into the driveway... one story down and broke both his front legs. He had two casts on his front legs, but that didn't even slow him down. Poldy was totally fearless, which made him hard to train. I think Marcia gave Poldy away to someone who had a family. When she was working he was spending too much time alone.
We had a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner tonight at the LaBlanc's. Delicious south LA gumbo!!! I will post some pics tomorrow. Night Night

Monday, February 11, 2008

Westminster doggies and thick ankled handlers....

This is my parents' dog, Bailey. He looks regal here watching the snow. This is Jake, the number one Bichon in the country. He wins best in his breed all the time.... I am glad I am not his groomer.

I have been watching the Westminster Dog Show. All those women who run those dogs around the ring have fat ankles just like me. Maybe I missed my calling. We always seem to end up watching this. I love hearing all about the different breeds. Isn't amazing how many different breeds there are and the different purposes for the dogs. They just told about a rat falling into the center of the show ring (in the 1920's) when the terriers were being shown and they are dogs bred to flush out rats and they all went nuts reacting appropriate to their nature. I really like this group. The people my parents bought their house from has a cinder block building behind their house with five little doors to the outside for the Cairn Terriers they bred. Such cute little doggies. I like the Norwich Terrier and the Westie, too. I really thought we might get one of those, but the Bishon was rated #1 for anti allergy dogs so we got one of those. Ahhhhh the Scottie dog is on. I loved those when I was a little girl. They said they are stubborn and not good listeners at all. Hmm I am part Scott. Can you tell? Our granddog, Gatsby is a terrier. I wonder if Gatsby could flush out a rat. All of this dogs are decendants of the wolf. Haha.... When ever Gatsby growls I tell Josh and Randi it is the wolf in him. We look at him and say, "Naaaah".

Sophie seems to be settling in here pretty well. She is not quite as cuddly as I would like. She likes to lay right at Jim's feet. She prefers that to being up on the sofa next to her mother. Jim said it is probably my "hotness". This statement harkens back to Josh's standard comment when I wanted him to sit on my lap...."Mom, get your hotness off me!!" Max wasn't much of a cuddler either. Gatsby is the most cuddly dog I have encountered and he probably won't do that anymore because of Sophie. Gatsby is quite put out with Jim and I ..... He doesn't realize we love him just as much as we ever did.

I keep thinking about the horrible weather all our relatives are facing right now. I pray for safe travel for everyone and no falls on slick steps and sidewalks! A fellow former glass plant retiree was out chopping ice off his side walk in Port Allegany and he got chest pains and ended up going to Erie to the hospital. He is going to be fine, but he has already had bipass surgery so it was a scare. When I think of chopping ice I remember Gramma Boller when she was in her 90s out chopping ice and when I asked her, "Gramma, what do you think you are doing!!!????" She replied, "Well, I am not flying a kite, am I?" She was fiesty and lived to be 106. I don't think she was all of five ft. Lillian was one a true lady who I never heard say a negative word about anyone.

Jim just came in raving and praising number one fuzz because she did her business FINALLY. I have had her out four times and Jim more times than that....and NOTHING. So unlike our other dog, Max who we thought worked like a playdough fun machine....stuff it in one end and it comes out the other end in short order. Maybe such efficiency will evolve.

The commentators at the dog show just made an interesting observation. They said Labs and Golden Retrievers want to be in our world, but little lap dogs just feel we are lucky to be in their world. Jim said that is pretty much the size of it.

As long as I am talking dogs I have to tell you about Baily, my mom and dad's docile yellow lab. Baily is actually half Cheaspeake bay retriever and Yellow lab. He looks like a yellow lab with longer legs and just a bit smaller snout. The lady who cuts his toe nails loves him because he never minds anything she does. A dog was in for a trim one day and she thought is was Bailey until she started cutting his nails and he bared his teeth at her and she knew it was not Bailey. Bailey sat and winced as Gatsby barked at him. We were all nervous about Gatsby being around him, but Josh knew. He said it would not be a problem. He had total faith in his buddy, Bailey's gentility. He is getting up there in years and seems he is not as spunky this year and gets a bit confused at times, but he is still a great companion for my parents. They will miss him so when he is gone.

Jake the number one Bichon in the country just got third place in the non sporting group. Last week Jake got the number two slot in the Eukenuba dog show. I was really hoping he would win tonight. He just can't beat those standard poodles. Jake looks nothing like our little Sophie. How do they groom that dog?! I sure don't have the patience for all of that work.

Well, we are into the herding group now. They are intense dogs...very OCD. I like the korgis a lot. They look like the Blue dog painted by Rodrigue.

Ok, ok I have rambled on about dogs long enough....a hello to our little black lab nephew, Murphy. He is starting to settle down... We are anxious to see if he gets along with Sophie.

Sunday, February 10, 2008



RIVER: The Joni Letters

That is what I was hoping for... Yipeeeeee!!!

Winding down another weekend....

Sophie and I just had our nightly romp.....Mochi took my place last evening. Yes, my tongue is hanging out tonight. We have a hide and seek routine now. She is so much fun. She is becoming quite clever and can figure out my best hiding places. I have gotta find some new nooks and crannys to squeeze into.

I am sorta watching the Grammy Award show...actually I have DVRed it and am now just watching a little bit of each song. Tina Turner is pretty amazing looking for 68 and she is still doing her thing. Amazing! The Rapsady in Blue segment was awesome! I have always prided myself on knowing what is going on in music, but I admit I realy have not known in a while. I do know a few names out there. I like K.T. Tunstall, Fergie and Christina Aguilera has a wonderful voice....oh and Alicia Keyes. For a some time I didn't hear anything I really like for a while. John Mayer is good.... I don't buy too much music anymore. I think I might purchase the Ricky Scaggs and Bruce Hornsby collaboration as we saw them...and the Joni Letters by Herbie Hancock. It has such a variety of artists on it and I love the Joni I have said on this blog before. Jim likes that song by Feist. Do you know how amazing that is!? He never likes much of anything. It sometimes amazes me at the things he will decide he likes. I remember when he decided he really liked Sweet Home Alabama. I would never have guessed he would like that either. We are still trying to figure each other out after almost 30 years.

The weekend is over way too fast. I spent some time going through stuff in closets, doing laundry, and playing with Sophie the fun fuzzie...oh yes and some grocery shopping. Jim put the insulation up in the barn and put skirting around the bottom. Jim and I did get to visit with Dr. Dale and nurse Helen last night and it was obvious both were very tired. As they travel into unchartered territory coping with the ravages of ALS I covet your prayers for them and also for David and his family. Dr. Dale is not one to complain, but it is obvious this is extremely difficult and now without him able to utter a word it is tougher than ever. Thankfully, Dr. is able to communicate by way of a keyboard, but even that is difficult and most tiring. I can't even imagine... and I pray I never have to know. Friends and family can only do so much in instances like this so I am praying for the Holy Spirit to literally carry them at this time. I have seen evidence of His pressence in many of my visits, but I still feel compelled to pray for more help. Joy is not the same as is just something that surprises us and gives us strength when we need it. It is the Lord's pressence. That is the help they need right now...and it is the help we all need. Also, pray for Barbara and her family in Indiana, Mark and his family who are far away in Africa, and Joanna and Donnie in Jackson. Also, for Dale's siblings. It must be awfully hard not to be able to be closer at this time. Thank you.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My head is finally clear....and could I have a side of cabbage with that oatmeal?

Big News! I got a Neti Pot. It looks just like this one below and I think it works well. My head is all cleared out...well, at least my sinuses. I am considering doing the Neti Pot thing once a day for a while. Go to Oprah's website and read about it. Dr. Oz says using it can alleviate sinus headaches, colds etc. I have always "snffed" salt water, but I have never totally cleaned out like this! Cool. I am a Neti Pothead.... that is what David Boersma called me. Dave has that Boersma flair with words. Seriously tho, give it a try! I heard my right ear crack while I was doing the drain and I can hear better out of that ear.

Spring has sprung.....I don't care what Punxey Phil had to say! Robins (tweeting and acting frisky) fill our yard and daffodils, aka, jonquils, are blooming abundantly. It was a beautiful day outside. I didn't spend much time outside as indoor chores needed to be done, but nontheless it was great to smell the air and to see the sun. (Those of you above the Mason Dixon Line, eat your hearts out!) We may have some more cold weather, but it won't be too much.

I have been watching the election returns and I am wondering if the man with the MOST liberal voting record in the Senate is going to be our next pres. Like I said I have nothing personal against any of them, but I do look at their voting records. I am worried to say the least. I went to the polls and cast my vote for Alan Keyes. He is my favorite candidate. I knew it would make no difference, but I just wanted to vote my heart. He is a wonderful Christian with a good moral foundation and has the same viewpoint as our founding fathers. He is brilliant. If you don't know Alan I invite you to check him out. He may never be President, but he will inspire you and give you hope. I had the amazing priviledge to meet and speak with Mr. Keyes and he encouraged me to not give up hope....ever. We have God and therefore we have hope. He is more pure in his conservatism than Ronald Reagan and much more outspoken...if that is possible. A truely great American who always points to the savior as his strength. I am saddened that more Christian Americans didn't ralley behind him.

Jim is working on the building puting in the insulation. Next he will put some paneling over that. I am anxious to be able to load some stuff into the attic. I think I am going to order a few more space bags as I am not crazy about the humidity messing with stuff I put out there. Today I started cleaning out some closets and I put all my size 8 pants into one large "space bag" and sucked the air out of it. It is about two inches thick now and three ft. long. It will not take up hardly any space in the new attic. I also put my summer bed spread in one and some other bed throws. It is amazing how that all works. It was pretty thin, but HEAVY. We just need to keep out the moisture. I am not sure about electronics. I don't know if we need to be putting them will get very hot up there, I am sure. Jim had two windows and two vents put up there to let out the heat. I sure hope that helps. I think he may get a wall air conditioner to turn on when he is working out there in summer. This time of year is perfect for opening the doors and working out there.

Sophie made a new friend today....Machi Boersma, the Pekinese. They ran and played and played and ran and played. Their tongues were hanging out, but they we having a great time. Otto, Machi's brother, really wasn't into it and he had to sit on David's lap and watch. Jake, the pug lumbered into his bedroom and retired all the while shaking his head and wondering if the world hasn't gone to hell in a hand basket. Gotta love Jake....he has seen a lot of troubles in his days and these foolish kids romping and playing is more than he can take. Kids!!!

Back to those size 8 pants... I wonder if I ate mostly cabbage and oatmeal if I could get into them. Haha.... Introducing the new amazing Cabbage and Oatmeal diet! Yum!! You heard it here first, folks.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sometimes if you DON'T snooze, you lose!

Jim was getting ready to leave for small group tonight and I fell asleep in the recliner. When he announced it was time to go I just couldn't do it. I felt totally knocked out and chilled to the bone. If I have learned anything living in this body for 53 years, when I am worn out REST. If I don't I will pay dearly with a nasty cold or worse. My mother was there to say "no" to where ever I wanted to go when I was like this. She could just tell by looking at my eyes, but now she is not here to run interference and I am doing it for myself. Jim left and Sophie and I slept until about 8.

I missed everyone, but felt a little more sane after a nap and a hot bath. (I felt cold all day!) I also had time to tweak my lesson for tomorrow. I am being observed. I heard the teachers talking about it being "their year" to be evaluated. Lucky for me it is written into my job description that librarians are evaluated yearly. I guess it is payback for not having 25 students 6 periods a day. I pray it goes well. I am using the SMART Board and whenever Technology is in play there is that possibility of disaster. First thing today my lap top crashed plus my library aides were both absent so I had to run and deliver tvs out to the new building and get back before the first hour class arrived. I had to scramble and find another lesson while I figured out another way to hook to the internet. Always something! The lap top "they" let me have had already been through two teachers and was from 2000 (and nobody wanted it) so it was no surprise it bit the dust, but still it was a pain. I am just glad it didn't happen when I was being observed.....although, real life does have a way of interjecting itself. Sometimes showing how you juggle stuff like that demonstrates more about your ability to get things done....but nobody likes it happen when you are suppose to be at your best.

Here is another factor. For 19 years I slept alone in our bed....during the week. I am a light sleeper and I am not sleeping nearly as soundly as I am used to. Jim would think I was mad or something....but I am not. It is just the way it is. I am glad he has retired and is home all the time. It is so much nicer to come home to someone than to an empty house, but the down side is the sleep loss. I have vowed I won't be forced into the "guest" (Josh's) bedroom, but I might sleep on the sofa once in a while.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Calm down, this is just a mini rant!

Super Tuesday and the news isn't good..... I can't understand how only 1% of the votes are counted and they have given it to McCain. Hmmmmm.....We are pretty disturbed over all of this. We don't see a lot of difference between McCain, Clinton, or Obama. Socialists are socialists....regardless of gender, party, or race. I noticed Dr. James Dobson said he could not in good conscious vote for John McCain and I am sure he won't vote for Obama or for Clinton. So my hubby is in good company. I said I would hold my nose and vote for McCain.....Michael Reagan said his dad didn't like Gerald Ford but was a loyal Republican supporting and stumping for him. I guess Jim is more of an idealogue than a Republican and I guess I can be classified the same way....but I might still vote for McCain if he is the candidate. I do believe McCain is a patriot and would be a good military leader. I wonder who Fred Thompson would endorse. Have not heard a peep from him. He must be as mortified as Jim and I are.

Now when I say I don't like this candidate or that candidate doesn't mean I don't LIKE them as humans. I pretty much can find something to like in most folks and would probably go to dinner with any of them and have my socks charmed off. Politicians are engaging folks (.....remember I am able to find something to like in each Junior High student I meet), but I don't want this group of candidates' ideology taking this great country further away from what I believe our founders intended. (Check out The Federalists Papers).

Also, here is another point....just think of the last time you had to stand in line in the post office.... the paraigon of government efficiancy. What if you were waiting in line for an important medical treatment....something that would save your life. That is why New York State docs get so many visits from their Canadian neighbors. The socialization of the healthcare system looks so attractive especially in the light of such horribly high prices, but just because the system is messed up doesn't mean we need to jump off the bridge into abyss govt aide. Looking to the government even more than we all not the answer to our problems. The Cubans I met in Havana thought that was the answer in 1958, but now they rue the day they said yes to government control of every aspect of their lives. Good grief it takes about six months to get a permit for a bicycle....and some folks are rejected from getting one....just because!

On a lighter note......I thought I would give you a doggie report. Sophie is really getting some personality. She knows her name and is becoming very assertive. We are wondering what we have gotten into. Jim said she follows him everywhere all day long and if he doesn't pay attention she will bark. I think he would sell her for half what he gave for her. He says that and then I see him whispering to her and kissing her on the top of her head. (Don't say anything to him about this...he might never speak to me again.) Potty training is great when it comes to winky tinking, but the other seems more complex and we are going to have to get a bit sterner in this area. Lucky for us her output is very solid and small and easy to dispose of....but sitll! Yuck.

The bad weather is starting......Josh flew to South Carolina this morning to visit a company who supplies electronic equipment and then off to Nashville where he will spend the night and visit another company. I looked at the weather map and then started praying this am. I put him in the Lord's hands. Just because your kid is not a kid anymore, doesn't seem to make me feel any better about him galavanting all over God's green acre. (I heard words to this effect growing up and hear them in my head from time to time.) Jim just looked at the weather channel and there was this huge red blob just about to hit Nashville and they were telling people to take cover. And now the pup is crying and having tummy troubles.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Headache, Netti Pots, and the Puppy Bowl

Gloomy Sunday....Super Bowl Sunday. I can never see the Super Bowl without thinking of my Dad who passed away in 1967. He never got to see a Super Bowl and he was so anxious to do just that. The man loved football and I figure that is where Josh gets it.....and also the love for mathmatics. Those genes totally skipped me for sure! My dad played football and was good at it in high school although he was better known for his basketball. My mom said she remembered seeing his name in the newspaper in relationship to basketball....she was younger and didn't meet him until she was in her 20's. Anyway, even so he LOVED football....and it was on the television all the time I was a kid. I wish he could have seen at least one Super Bowl.

Then my mom married another football lover. This time it was more about college football and more particular Penn State Football. Penn State is my favorite football team now as well....along with son, Josh. Where I went to school was not in a big league, so I went with the family team, Penn State. Even if my step dad hadn't gone to Penn State I would love them because of Joe Paterno. Joe is THE class act of college football......he loves the game and he expects his players to study hard and act honorably, but he extends grace to them when they screw up. He is just a great you gotta love the white socks. .....Anyway, my point is, (I know you have been wondering) I have seen my share of football. Just in the last couple years have I really tried to understand what it was all about....yeah, I am a little slow.

Poor Jim, I sent him to the drugstore to get me a Neti Pot...maybe it is Netti Pot. Sister Lori is all excited about them and I have this fierce sinus headache and wondered if that might help. You can see the use of the Neti pot on Youtube. Very attractive...hahahaha. Lori saw it on Oprah with Dr. Oz.

Jim is home.... he said they didn't have a Neti pot in Rite Aide or Walgreens. Hmmmm guess I will have to hit the wheat barn. At least the Rite Aide people knew what they were.

Sorry....can't do any more. Going to find a dark place and take some more meds! My head feels like it is coming off. Guess I will hit the BC powder. Later....

I am back........slept half the day away trying to get rid of this blasted headache. The headache is bad enough but it makes my stomach all upset and the nausea and stomach cramps make it worse....I know, TMI.

When I woke up Jim was watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal planet. We watched it last year and thought it was so cute. If you haven't seen this it goes like this.....they have a little football field with toys, water bowls (sunken in the end zone with glass bottoms and cameras underneath for shots of them lapping with their tongues.) and lots of different types of puppies. They rotate out different breeds. This year the wildest puppies were the ours, fox terrier, and what appeared to be a coton (they look like a bichon but can have spots). It was funny to watch. We saved it on the dvr. Sophie actually stopped what she was doing and watched and cocked her head. The barking drew her attention. She watched for a couple minutes and then stated tearing around the house like a maniac. I know she wanted to be there. There was a little yorkie on there, too. She was the smallest but trying to jump all over the bigger dogs. She must have the little dog complex.

The Bucket List was a good movie....we recommend it to you all. The theater was packed when we went. Jim and I were in the same row, but not next to each other. So much for romantic date night....haha. When the people talk real low Jim can't hear what they are saying so I tell him. He did pretty well this time. There were only two lines he missed and I cleared those up on the way home. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are great in this, but I always enjoy movies with these guys in them. The movie does give you a lot to think about. At one point I was wishing Morgan Freeman would outline the plan of salvation....instead he just said, "I have faith."

Patriots just got a touch down! Dang! We are rooting for the Giants. Couch Young, the former Giants player who was our 7th grade PE teacher for years. (He retired two ....or maybe three years ago.) I wouldn't want Coach to hear I was "acting the fool" and rooting for Boston. Jim said the Giants don't appear to have the intesity they are gonna need to win this. But, then he has been wrong.....just a couple times. Go ELI!

Sophie, the puppy bowl sound asleep again. She races around her like mad and burns out pretty fast. She is either ON or OFF. hahaha....we laugh a lot at her.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A barn raising....

Jim and I both grew up in homes with attics and also with basements, so it has not been easy living in a home with neither. We admit we probably just need to "chuck" (check the dictionary it is not CHUNK) some of the stuff we are hanging onto, but in the meantime we need storage.

Jim was going to build a storage building/shed/shop to store his saws .....the table saw has been in the car port for 20 years and every time he uses it he has clean a layer of rust off the table. Amazingly it still works...(go Craftsman!) that will finally have a home. We will also have a place for the Christmas decorations.......and if I use those space bags to keep out the Louisiana humidity I can even store some clothes I am planning on getting back into. (Hey no smart comments, I have done it a couple times before!) Jim and I both have a bit of that hording disease/gene. I think it comes from having relatives give us a litany of stories about the Great Depression when they didn't name I am storing up just in case, I guess. (No manna comments please!)

So anywho he was planning on building this thing and BAM he puts his back out and spends a week on the sofa. He realized he probably should at least get Lowes to build the building and he can worry about the inside stuff...he may do some walls, ceiling and stuff like that....but that will be plenty and I won't have to worry about him falling off a roof while putting shingles on.

These two guys from Texas who are doing this building are a well oiled machine. They have been rained out two times, but when they are here they are really raising the roof. I guess they look to be about 30 or so. Both have good strong backs thankfully and are never still. American ingenutiy is not dead....well, not in Texas any way.

Jim just came in to tell me it is almost done....they are painting now and putting on the shingles. The big doors will have to be installed next week as they didn't come with the kit. We tried to pick a green paint that will blend in with the enviornment, but there is no hiding this monster. ( I asked them if they could paint it camo colored ....guess not, so I will have to throw mud at the building for that effect.) It is about 600 square feet....two floors! I am thinking Jim might be planning on an having an shop/apartment. haha. My uncle Lee, a Swede also, always had the shop out back where he spent a lof of his time on weekends. Like Jim, he enjoyed alone time and "piddling" with motors etc. (Jim is not a motor guy, but more a wood type guy.) It wasn't any place I frequented when we went to visit my aunt and uncle as I thought of it as where Uncle Lee went to get away from all the estrogen in the house. He usually had a dog or two close on his heel and a project in the works. Jim is much like this, problem is the hot temperatures here will not permit him to spend as much time out there, but who knows there might be a window unit in this barn's future.
Sophie, the cutest Bichon puppy in the world, (I am a bit biased) has been very curious about all these happenings. She does not miss a beat and wants to make friends with anyone she meets. She is not a watch dog that is for sure. She has been running back and forth from the fire place in the living room to the tv in the family room. She just huffs and puffs and pants and makes the cutest sounds. I can hear her voice and it sounds like a little kid's voice. So funny to me.
Jim and I are planning on going to see The Bucket List today as it was highly recommended by Lora and Bobby and a few other friends. We have not been to a movie since before Thanksgiving so we are due.
I wish I would have gotten an apt to get a hair cut, but I guess I will aim for next Sat. All of a sudden it will hit me and I feel like a sheep dog! Just pray I don't start hacking away myself..... I do that sometimes and it is never a good thing.....but it does feel better.
Breaking news.....
I want to send a congratulations out to my big sis, Marcia in Philly, who is now CEO of her company! Wow, she has always worked very hard and set high goals. Our whole family is very proud of her and her dedication to the handicapped community. This is the press release about it. She told me she thinks she'll wait to get a Bichon or two..... when she retires as she plans to be very busy for the next 7-8 years. Her position is set up so she can partially retire and still be involved with this company. Sophie would like having some nieces or nephews.