Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bloggitty schmoggity.....time to go to B-E-D

Well, school is going along smoothly, but slowly. I have two practicum students and I am enjoying them a lot. They are both so nice and willing to help any way they can. They are doing a lesson this week on literary genres. I know the students are enjoying their youthful faces and are paying a bit more attention....I am not taking it personally because I remember learning about the "Hawthorne Effect" when I was taking Education in American Society....SNORE. I am surprised I can remember anything from that class. My prof would walk in much like Tim Conway when he would shuffle around being the old guy and read.....yes, I said READ to us from the text book. Most of the students showed up with Time, Newsweek, or in my case Mother Jones....(Yes, I was a charter subscriber to that socialist magazine....but that is for another blog topic.)

Oh....yeah.....Hawthorne Effect.....it states that any change produces a positive result for a season and is not an indication of the success or failure of that change. You need more time to determine if the positive effect is genuine and lasting. I guess I remember it because I have observed it to be very true.....in all aspects of life.

I have been at the Jr. High for nearly ten years and have never had practicum students and now I have two at the same time. I am thankful for them. One of the girls has a dog who looks just like Sophie....named "Spike"...haha. He is a Maltepoo....Maltese and Poodle. I am thinking he and Sophie might get along and we may have to get them together. Sophie is on the sofa next to me using the remote control for a pillow....ahhhhh so cute. I think she needs to have more friends over. I do what I can to be the playmate, but I have fallen pretty hard a couple of times. If I would have been a tiny bit closer to the wall when I fell...while tearing around the house in my slippers....I think I would have run my head through the wall....the outside wall which is brick! Jeepers creepers!

This is the second night in a row I have had a headache....it is not one of the killer type but I wish I could nail down the reason for them. It is finally letting up so I am decided to blog a bit. In a few days I should have my new lenses for my glasses so maybe that will help. My prescription didn't change too much, but maybe it is just enough to be causing trouble.

I am reading a book called, I Am Scout. It is the biography of Harper Lee and I am enjoying it as much as I can reading through the fog of a headache. I am not making rapid progress but I look forward to getting in bed and reading just a bit each night.

To Kill a Mockingbird is fictional, but Harper Lee's father was a lot like Atticus Finch and the fact she wrote Scout's mother had died....well, Harper Lee's mother had mental problems and left Harper and her siblings to fend for themselves many times. Her father just seemed to accept the problems his wife had and felt it was his cross to bear. It gives us the impression she felt rather motherless.

I just love finding about the personal lives of great writers. I am not sure why this is so.....maybe I am trying to figure out what tragedy drove them to write. Writing is amazingly therapeutic so maybe there is some truth to this theory of mine.

Speaking of which....it is time to put the Sophmiester in her little kennel and I am going to read a bit. Tomorrow is breakfast duty so I need to get in the bed NOW! Fox News is running in the background as usual and I am tired of hearing about Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his bizarre rantings. Do they know how to beat a dead horse or what!!!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Genetics and family similarities

Lora made comment on my last thread about how she thought Josh and I looked alike. I have always thought we looked more alike than he and Jim, although the older he gets the more of his Dad's genetics seem to emerge. Here is a comparrision of Josh and I. We are both four years old in these pictures. We don't look exactly alike, but we look like kin sure. (I loved this melon colored dress with the rhinestone buttons. It was not frilly....wasn't allowed to have frilly, but it was classy and I just loved that dress with the little pleated bodice. I paid attention to every detail of a dress even when I was four....probably a genetic predisposition from my Aunt Marie....who my grandmother once labeled a "clothes horse".)

Received a birthday card from sister, Julie, and when I saw the envelope I immediately wondered what I had sent to my address. I have had to address SASES (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes) for different reasons and I really thought I had gotten a SASE in the mail. The address really looked like I had written it. I opened the card and looked at her writing and it really looked a lot like mine,too. Now an expert would see the difference for sure, but it still was spooky.
I think a lot about us is determined by genetics. I think all sorts of conditions are probably a genetic condition... depression can be I know. Some traits which are genetic predispositions cause struggles and challenges womb to the tomb, but I do believe there is victory when an individual sets their mind to it...or turns to God to help them. Alcoholism is one of the instances. For one person it is no big deal to avoid this, but for someone with the genetic predisposition then it can be a real war which needs to be won. No, we are not robots, but some of the stuff we do just seems to be "just what we do" and not a choice.

First time I seriously thought about genetics is when Joel, Jim's oldest son came to live with us after we first were married. When he fell asleep on the sofa and he slept in the same position as Jim. Elizabeth, Jim's daughter, did the same. It was really strange to me.....all slept on their backs with their arms folded across their chest. I never, ever sleep like this, but it was obviously out of their control. Josh doesn't sleep like that. He sleeps more on his side or belly like I do.

Genetics must never be used for an excuse for messing up. I can't help it because that is how my Mom/Dad/Grandmother/Aunt/Uncle etc was. We are going to be influenced for sure and it is not something we need to resist unless we are going to be harmed or cause harm because of it. Poor Josh has inherited my propensity for taking naps and then getting a burst of energy around 9 PM. I think he can retrain himself, but that will always be his natural inclination.....sorry, kid.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dream Weaver....

We were talking about dreams in our small group last night and I told one of my big secrets. I have this ability/gift/curse to remember what I dreamed the night before when I put my head on my pillow. It is as if there is a dream cloud hovering right above my pillow and when I put my head in it I suddenly feel like I am right back where I was when I woke up.....cuz my dreams are clear in my mind upon waking. As the day goes on the memory of my dream becomes weaker and weaker until sometimes by afternoon I can't remember it at all....BUT when I get in bed and put my head on my pillow (gives a new meaning to "memory foam", don't ja think?!) it comes right back to me. There have been a few times when I picked back up where I left off.....although I must admit it isn't worth it because what I dream the second night just isn't on par with the first part. If an editor were reading the script he would lop off that dialog from the second night, because it just isn't nearly as good as the original. Strange stuff. I talked to a fellow worker today in the govt. institution where I am employed....and she said she has had that happen, but it was also rare for her to be able to pick up on a second installment. WOW! I figure there are probably a lot of us out there....we are not common, but we are not so rare either. I don't want to be a freak that is for sure.

But all that aside, I want to know how it works. Is it physiological, spiritual, or mental. I just don't know. It seems to be involuntary that is for sure. A lot of times I am ready to clear my head and go to sleep.....which I usually do quickly....but the memory of last night's dream....sorta stale like a coke left in a glass on the end table over night. hahhaha...well, it really seems to fit gets my attention and there I am thinking about this or that all over again. I have not always had this going on. I think it is about four years this has been happening...maybe five or six as time seems to be getting away from me.

Another thing about dreaming....when I was a third grader I had this recurring dream....it lasted until I was in fourth grade. I would wake up in the night terrified after dreaming I was running from a BIG black ball rolling towards me faster and faster. The deal is I am running as fast as my third/fourth grade legs can haul me down this narrow path and before it hits me I wake up. I would sometimes be all wet and really happy to be awake and out of that nightmare. I could usually shake it off quickly and go back to sleep...."Oh, that dumb dream again....." It was a lot like the scene from Indiana Jones. Anyway.....the last time I ever had the dream I was running as fast as possible but the big black "ball" or presence was getting closer and closer. I turned realizing it was useless and faced it. When it got right up to me it was non other than President Lyndon Baines Johnson.....isn't that hysterical. I remember I never had that dream again! I was so glad to know what it was. I told Jim I wasn't scared anymore.....guess I didn't think LBJ was gonna try to pick me up by my ears or anything bizzare. Jim said I should have remained scared to death. I understand what he means.

Someone out there might say I am making up this story for a strange blog, but I couldn't make stuff up like that if I wanted to...hahahaha. I guess I really do need to go see a dream interpreter.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary wins PA...

Here's a little shout out to my gal pal, Hillary. She has taken my home state of PA . Looks like the Democratic National Convention may be the most volatile since 1968 in Chicago which I must admit I remember very well. It was scary to see the mobs in the streets. I was young, but lived in a house where politics were discussed quite regularly. Marcia's beau as a flaming liberal ala Amherst, Mass and our Dad was Republican Committee Member ....and it was the "Summer of Love"..... McGovern was the topic of many dinner table discussions. I watched with fascination as Abbey Hoffman and his cohorts ranted and raved. I knew who the "Weathermen" were and the SDS....they were passionate, if nothing else. I was only 13, but I was interested and was trying to figure out who was best suited to direct these United States. I didn't get into the conversations too much, but I did listen and try to understand. My girlfriends didn't have a clue and I never could figure out why they were not interested in what was going on....but then they didn't hear the passionate debates I heard either.

McGovern had garnered the support of the youth, who by the way didn't show up when it came to crunch time. Obama is the one who is courting the youth this season and he might want to pay attention to the lesson McGovern learned.....college students tend to have short attention spans.... not all.....but many do and not to count on them. They often times are too busy to vote or suddenly realize that in all the excitement they never even registered. Crazy, I know. I remember thinking the Republicans didn't have a prayer in '68 because of the support of so many young people, but Nixon did win by a substantial percentage....can't remember what it was, but I was so surprised. Maybe the college students of 2008 are different from those in 1968.....but somehow I doubt it.

Like I have said before, I don't really have a horse in this race, but I will be watching with interest and I most certainly will be praying to the Lord .....mostly for His mercy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Second life.....

Yes, I like the new personal amplification system....aka my "belly box". Mr. Nutt said it sounds like I should be riding in the front of a little train giving tours. I love not having to raise my voice and still be heard....just makes things a bit easier. I even did a little singing for my library aides. They didn't seem to mind....but then again they did go into the backroom to
sort magazines.

Besides winning a Belly Box I learned some new things at the Technology Fair. One of the things I learned about as a web site called, Second Life. Our Key Note Speaker said he really enjoyed that site. I am not exactly clear about the whole deal, but when I visited their site I just couldn't bring myself to sign on. You have a little "Avatar"....a character that is "you"....a virtual you. You can choose your looks from a list of Avatars which are all very tall and thin and have the same measurements as a Barbie Doll. My guess is the person who does the art work for the Avatars are male. You can do virtual vacations, visit historical spots, and actually bump into other Avatars and meet people from all over the world. Meeting other people in your field is the advantage. I was reading the blogspot of a librarian who was visiting the campus of Virginia Tech....virtually and she was talking about the other person she met while stopping by the memorial for the VA Tech shootings....and talking with them! It sounds like a nice way to expand your world, but it just seems a bit freaky. I know this is a popular thing to do and it appears that a lot of adults do it as well, but it gives me the willies. I bet there are people who spend more time in their virtual life than their actual life. I know you can even go to a virtual church....but if you are making actual contact with actual people is still virtual? I mean, you can meet folks on the net. My mom has met a lot of people in her chat room....they talk in the mornings when they have their first cup of coffee and they pray for each other and send flowers when a member passes away. They are Christians and they pray for each other....but one thing they don't do is assume a new virtual body....a virtual home and virtual vacations....go on virtual walks with virtual pets....it just seems a bit bizarre. I suppose it is the only way "I" will ever live in a clutter free, dust free environment and have a 22 inch waist!

Check out Second Life and see what I am talking about.....I guess if you could just look like yourself and you could just talk to other people who looked like themselves it would be different. I wonder if the only folks who do Second Life are those who really have a bad real life and need to escape to a more glamorous and exciting life. I do like the idea of dressing myself with all the free hair styles, clothes, and shoes.....virtual paper dolls. hahaha.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can you hear me now?!

That is Bruce Willis coughing...for those of you who have your sound turned on....on behalf of Bruce, "please excuse the cough"! I was looking for a song with words to fit this blog entry....it is hard sometimes. These words don't really fit too well.....but Bruce has a lot of energy and it has a good refrain!....Well! It does! I give it an 8....cuz it has a good beat and you can dance to it.

Yesterday I got out of bed at 6 AM ....on a Saturday that is so unusual, but I needed to get going and head to the North Louisiana Technology Fair which was held at West Monroe High School. I always like to go to this because not only do they have informative seminars, a great keynote speaker, and a great opportunity to talk to teachers from other schools.....they give out fantastic door prizes. One year I got a hand held computer with blue tooth. I could surf the net at any coffee house or talk on ms messenger with my mom while sitting at the Frothy Monkey. It was an organizer and I could store photos on there....it was just a great thing and THE best gift given that year. One year it was a lap top....but I didn't attend that year. Well, this year they had all sorts of things and I won a moderately expensive gift. It certainly was better than the mugs, candles, and beach bags.

I won a personal sound system.....so all the Junior High students can hear me LOUD and clear! I don't know if I am going to use it this year, but there have been weeks when I have done a lot of talking and trying to talk loudly enough for all the kids in the library to hear that it might come in really handy. The speaker goes around you waist so the sound comes out your stomach. David Boersma said I should growl ....then it will sound like my stomach is growling. hahaha.. Josh was there when he said it and laughed....Dr. Dale smiled and I think he was laughing silently to himself.

Anyway.....I didn't think it was all that expensive, but it would have cost me about $120 to purchase one. It has a head set mic and also a clip on mic. The mics have to be right next to your mouth to work. Sophie is scared of me when I use it and jumps on her Daddy's lap.....poor little girl can't understand her Mom's voice coming out of her gut...hahaha....too freaky for her. Can't blame her.

When I first heard I won it first thing into my head was I am wearing this sucker around the house so Jim hears what I am saying. He is always hears about half of what I say......since he won't do the hearing aide thing I will do the talking out of my stomach thing. He didn't think that was too funny. Then I told him I could be the song leader at small group with my new speaker....he said, "Not a good idea". I think he is hoping I take the dang thing to school and leave it there.....Sophie is too!
I will let you know when I use the new gizmo and how it works. The Jr. High kids will probably hope I take it home and use it...hahhaaa...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aliens, UFOs and the Democratic Candidates.

Ok, I have watched so many different TV programs on the History Channel, on PBS, and on Discovery about UFO's and the people who are swearing they saw the crash of a UFO and even have seen the aliens and that they were taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The aliens are suppose to be stored in kryogenic tubes under the Air Force Base....it is totally classified and they say the secret goes all the way to the top. Even J. Edgar Hoover was not allowed access to the contents of Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson..... Barry Goldwater tried to visit Hanger 18 and was not cleared to see what was there. It was all hushed up...and there are a lot of very reputable people who believe there is no question there has been a cover up and there are the bodies of aliens stored there.

Another theory.....the United States Gov. has created and encouraged this idea of UFO's to keep the attention away from the top secret research and development of our military.

Well, I just don't know what to think about all of this.....I can't believe that every president kept this from getting out. I can't imagine anyone being able to keep the media out..... well, unless they just "get rid" of them. Maybe that is who is in the kyrogenic tubes....overly zealous reporters. But as long as they are pumping out these programs I will be tuning in.

Now...about the Democratic debate last night......it is not nearly as entertaining as the UFO shows, but they do have a lot in common.....first, in both cases I get the feeling I am only being told what "they" want me to know and the truth and what is being said have absolutely nothing in common.

Second, aliens probably have been looking at us and studying us like a Democratic candidate hosting a focus group and they probably hold the same view of us....that we need someone to help us because we are too dumb to help ourselves.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogalong Tuesdays...

I am loving this weather.....but there is some new pollen nastiness out there making me weeze. I know we are going to be craving these temps when it gets up into the 90s. Jim, aka "The Lawn Ranger", is doing some mowing. He said it was too cold this AM and also couldn't leave little sister, Sophie Sue, since she wasn't even 24 hours out of her surgery.....

I just want to pause and mention how he is treating her....talking to her in this sickening, sweet voice and being so careful when he picks her up....kissing the top of her widdle head. He said he thinks she is treating him differently and blames him for her pain...oh good grief!! It is sweet, but I am ever mindful of the fact I never heard sweet tender tones like this when I came home from the hospital. Hmmm.....but then I am not a cute, tiny, fluffy ball of fur with big brown eyes. I must admit she does know how to turn it on and yes, I think she might milk the situation.

Seriously tho, I am glad he is so caring. Remembering back to our time in Illinois, Jim actually tried to band aide a grass snake he ran over with the mower. It was in the garage in a shoe box recovering....he will tell you he never did such a thing, but I was there and I know differently! It was a little green snake.....kinda cute, not a big poisonous viper by any means. I don't think it made it, but we were pulling for him.

And now for something different......I am watching the news and I must say this whole Hillary and Obama feud is entertaining to me. He is calling her Annie Oakley and she is saying he is out of touch. Hahahaaa... I think they are both willing to say and do anything to get the nomination. I wonder how my home state of PA will go. I am anxious for it to be over and I know my parents are. Obama's picture was on the cover of our home town paper...the paper my step Dad's family owned for so many years. He thought the ground in front of his father's grave stone might be a bit heaved as he was a staunch Republican and may have turned over a few times. I know it is hard for my Dad to see that, too. Even the Penn State magazine he gets had an Obama picture....that bugged him more than his old newspaper having front page monopolized. Both of my parents thought the whole bitter, small, town comment ridiculous. My problem was the grouping of guns and religion. I think it shows an elite viewpoint....like my guy, Britt, says, it is not economic elitism, but it is ideological.AMEN! I totally agree with that. It is like the Hollywood people looking at the average American....they just don't understand how we stupid folks who don't wear $450 Jimmie Choo heels and carry $1,000 Fendi purses make it.

Better go get dressed....and put on my $15 crocks...it is Subway tonight...we are loving their $5 sale. It has been going on a while and we both love to eat there. Last night Jim made a recipe out of the cook book I got at the Book Fair....it was yummmmmy! He is getting adventurous with the cooking thing and I love the variety. He has the makings for an enchilada layered thing for the crockpot. Sounds like Mexican lasagna with tortillas instead of noodles. We shall see if an Italian food freak will take to that. I will let you know.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No Pups for Sophie Sue

Jim and Sophie got around early this AM and headed for the vets so she could have her operation. We went to get her about 4:30 PM. She is still sleeping....and cries when we pick her up. You can see it in her eyes....she has never felt this bad before. She stands and waits to walk any place....she is moving slowly and Jim is convinced she is mad at him for taking her there. I have gotten a few dog sugars on my cheek...but only cuz I asked her for some. Her heart wasn't in it though and she was doing it just cuz I asked her.

They wouldn't give us any pain killers for her.....said she wouldn't need it. Jim and I just stood there and kept saying ...."nothing?" Well, the vet didn't give us anything....and we know better than to give her people pain killers, but Jim will call them tomorrow if she is still hurting. I remember when I first came home from a similar procedure...hahaha.....I didn't feel too badly and didn't use only one of my pain killers so maybe they are right. I hope so ...but no sense in her feeling badly if she doesn't have to....poor little sister!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Watching mastery at The Masters....

We have a had a good and restful weekend. Jim worked in the yard tearing out volunteer bushes until about 3 PM on Sat. while I dusted, vacuumed, and did some laundry and then we headed for Monroe. My Mom and Dad sent me a gift certificate for my B. day and I found a nice summer purse at Penneys. I tried on a lot of shirts, but nothing really struck my fancy. Outback was the next destination. Can't think of a better dinner for the price. Jim reminded me that every now and then I remind him I have not had a steak in a long, long time, so I decided to give up my favorite....Olive Garden....and go for the red meat rather than the pasta. It was so good...pink in the middle just the way I like it. We hurried home to see what Sophie had been up to. She was a good girl and appeared to have slept on Jim's yard jeans the whole time we were gone.

All the while we are gone we have our DVR working overtime (what a great machine!) taping The Masters. We tuned in and caught up after we got home. It has been a great Masters this year. Tiger hasn't played very well, but in the end he pulls it off will finish second....we are behind and watching it delayed so we are still not sure who is going to win. It looks like it will be Trevor Immelman, first place and Tiger Woods, second and Brandt Snedeker, third. I really thought it was going to be Snedeker in first or second when I watched yesterday, but on Sunday anything can happen. I have not watched this as intently as I have this year since watching Tom Watson back in the 80's. It was always fun to watch. Why? Excellence is always amazing to me. I should put it on my calender every year. It is so beautiful there.......I think Squire Creek will eventually be this pretty...when the trees mature. It takes time, but Squire Creek seems to have a head start.

Tomorrow Soph is getting THE operation. No pups for this pup.....they will cut her soft little pink belly and it makes me feel sad, but she will be fine. I will be at school and she will be wondering where her Mommie is....yeah right? She probably won't even know where she is. Jim will pick her up and bring her home. Hope she doesn't hold this against us. She may have had visions of a having a huge family. Ahhhhh.... I also hope she doesn't get fat after her operation.

News Flash: Trevor Immelman won! The second South African ever.....Gary Player is the only other South African to win. We are watching him get his green jacket. Awesome to think what he has put into this to get to this moment. They just showed a picture of this guy Tevor at five being held by Gary Player. The most amazing part of this all is the number of bad shots Tiger had and he still pulled it out and was second! It is like he is charmed or something.

Weekends fly by so fast! I slept quite a bit today....slept like a rock so I must have needed it. Tomorrow there is still Book Fair stuff to wrap up. I will get some students to help put all the boxes up on top of the cases. Because I had to put the money in the safe before the secretary left, I don't have my exact total yet, but I will have to find time ALONE to count it tomorrow and also need to figure out which teacher's class bought the most. That teacher will win a basket of books I choose from the cases for her classroom. I have a pretty good idea who has won, but I will double check to be sure.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sophicious the Vicious Fuzz!

What a comfort to have a dog to protect us!

Actually, neighbor Helen suggested I get this sign when Jim traveled...it has been there for over a year. At least I don't feel like a liar anymore .....kept feeling so dis-honest not even having any dog at all....

Yippeeeeee! The Book Fair is over.....

This is a picture of three cases.....I had seven cases plus 6 big tables with all sorts for books and craft kits and diaries....and pencils, feathery pens, erasers, lighted worm and bug balls...haha.

Well, I just completed my 10th Book Fair. When I unpacked it last Friday, I was overwhelmed because it is just a lot to keep up with. Every year it gets bigger and I get this panicked feeling. You never know what will catch on. Strangely enough there was not one big thing this year as in years past, but a couple books that were promoted in the video that students wanted. I remember the year Harry Potter was the big seller in most fairs, but at our fair it was the book, She Said Yes, about the Christian girl at Colombine High who when asked if she was a believer in God, said YES! and was then shot and killed. Wow, we didn't see that coming! I did several reorders on that book.

It isn't really a hard job because I mostly just wait for kids to come and look, or buy and I walk around watching them browse praying none of the students who are unable to buy decide to get something anyway.....I really don't think this happens very often, but maybe I am just nieve. When you have so much merchandise it is very hard. I keep a close eye out and am counting items and trying to remember what has been purchased. I am praying when everything is counted back at the warehouse and compared to the money I collected it all will be good. It has in years past, so I need to relax and expect the best.

I was blessed with Moms who came to help out. I tried hard not to have anyone have to work longer than four hours. I remember doing two full days when Josh was at the sixth grade and I don't want them to have to do that. I usually let them do the checking out so I am able to wander around and restock when something was bought....and just keep a watch over the merchandice.

The students think I have read every book in the cases..... I don't know when I am suppose to be reading all these books...haha. I read the backs of a lot of the books to them as they are content to look at the picture on the cover and decide whether they are "good" or not. A couple times after I finished my reading a few kids would pluck that particular read off the shelf and take it to check out, but more times than not students would roll their eyes and tell me I liked BORRRINNNNGGGG stuff. hahaa. I guess my days of thinking like a 13 or 14 year old are gone.
Long story short...well sorta short?....I am BUSHED by the end of the week and I am not sure if I am coming or going. I do a lot of smiling (is that so hard?) and a lot and chatting with parents in between the visits from the classes....talking to them about what their particular child seems to like to read. One grandparent came this week and gave me quite the education about WW II. I love history and the historical fiction so I enjoyed it very much. I was really pushing the books about children who resisted what they were being taught when they were in the Hitler Youth. I wanted the students to know the bravery and the sacrifice people of their age made doing what was right. I want them to be inspired, but alas, only a few thought any of that was at all interesting and opted for books about dragons and quests...or even feathered pens and erasers that looked like sushi. (who is the ad wizard that dreamed that up!?) I have nothing against those, but I want them to read books that will show them they don't have it so tough and also that when in hard situations people their age can rise to the occasion and really make an impact. Fantasy books can do that too.

Every year I think I am going to skip the fair and sell pencils and pens or do some other fund raiser, but then the students start asking.....Ms. Anderson, when is the Book Fair! They look expectant and excited and I just can't bring myself to tell them we aren't having one this year. They are only here two years and then it is off to the high school...where there are no book fairs and the library is primarily used for research.

Let me just tell you how much help my husband Jim has been....he came yesterday about 3 PM and helped me box up merchandise and books I have on the tables and help me move chairs and tables back to where they belong..... all so I could stay open longer and increase my sales. I made my goal and I couldn't have done it without him. One day when a parent called and said they couldn't make it he came over and manned the money box for me. He got a chance to see some of the kids close up and personal and he was surprised to see how cute they really are... he has teenageraphobia.... he also saw how energetic and inquisitive many of them are and fully understands why I drag in after school many days.
So why am I awake so early....I think I got up around five.....I really don't know and I can't blame it on Sophie. The fuzz is still sound asleep!!! Maybe I will crawl back in and catch a few more zzzzzzs.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ok....now for what I Love...

There is a lot to love in this world. We are just coming off our flower high here in the south and that is something to love for sure, but I am trying to think of things I love the most.

I love to be home on the deck with my family. Last summer when Jim and I were home for Papa Chugee's 80th we really had fun. Almost my whole family was there.....Kelley and family came to the party and Amity and Steve surprised us. We missed Paul and Sue.....and of course those who have passed away, but it was a wonderful weekend and it was just great. It was so wonderful that Josh, Randi, and Gatsby made the long haul in their trusty Camry. Long lost cousins (they thought it was us that were lost) were present. It was just so much fun and I will never forget it.

I love to be with friends. Hashing over the world's problems and laughing at each other....just getting to share ourselves with each other....that is how we are created....in our Father's image. We were made for fellowship.

An example: I had the good fortune to see young people I had not seen in a long time. It was so fun to hug their necks, look at their engagement rings and to talk over old times. I admire them so much...I cried on the way home. I wasn't sad, just touched that I have been so blessed to know them. The Lord has put a lot of people into my life that are so genuine. There is nothing fake at all about them and it was just a joy to reacquaint myself with them. There was also an element of koinonia in the gathering and I was very blessed.

I love music. I don't know why, but music can move me like nothing else. My husband has a gift for playing piano. His playing touches me and I know it expresses him so perfectly. I love it when there is a connection between the person playing and the notes. Some people just read music and although the music is perfect it is cold....just sterile and lacking soul. I always thought I should have worked for a record company picking out new talent. There have been many times I heard a song when it first came out and I predicted it was going to a huge hit. One song I am thinking about...my roommates in college didn't like it said it would never make it. That song is still a huge song and very recognizable even to kids today. (can you guess it....) I just could feel it was the real deal. I love so many different kinds of music from the folk rock of the 60's to Jazz. I absolutely love Diana Krall. I also love praise music and many old hymns. Jim and I got to see the Kentucky Thunder Blue Grass band play with Bruce Hornsby. It was really wonderful. Jim loves music, but he only loves particular types of music. I can't think of a genre I dislike...well, except rap....although there have been a couple of Christian rap songs I thought were pretty good. I guess rap is like talking to music and it just isn't my thing, but there are a lot of Classical pieces I just love. There is just nothing like music!

As you can tell from previous posts.....I love dogs....I am enjoying having a "fuzz" in my daily life so unique and have their own little personalities. I guess that isn't that much different than people. Dogs who are raised in a loving atmosphere are usually enjoyable to be around....that too is much like people.

Naturally.....I love my husband and him being retired. It is great to have him home all the time. He is more relaxed and doesn't get so uptight about things. He is just more fun to be aournd. It is wonderful to see him happier than I can remember him being. I didn't realize how much a toll all that traveling was taking on him, so I finally think it was the right choice.

I really do love junior high kids.....they drive me CRAZY every day, but so does my dog....it doesn't mean I don't love them. Junior High is a hard time in life and I think back to how unlovable I was at that age, how self centered and it is amazing I ever pulled out of it....at least I pray I did. Keeping that in mind helps me daily to see the potential. Diamonds in the rough are all around. I wish more of them could see it, too.

All of these things are gifts from the Lord....He created them all!! soooo......Gotta love Him!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh yeah....I also hate....

These are the things in God's list, but I just want to clarify that I hate these things, too....especially as a Junior High Teacher because I see most of these things in one day at school....so I am amending my list to include these:

Proverbs 6:

16 There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him:
17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19 a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up dissension in the community.

That brings me up to the nice round number of 10!

Three things I hate.....

Hey, this is a positive title for a blog ....don't ja think? But I was in the mood to make a list so here it is.

1. I hate having to explain why I do what I do..... for example if I am in a club and I feel the need to quit I hate trying to tell the people why. Sometimes you just KNOW....this ship has sailed and it is time to move on. It is a tough thing to explain. It is a gut feeling and it isn't really directed at anyone. It isn't because I can't stand the folks or anything like that. I know my daughter in law would relate. After she went through rush in college, she decided she didn't want to join a sorority. She liked everyone, but she just didn't feel it was what she needed to do. People are always going to assume you are rejecting, judging, or snubbing them.....when it is not the case. A person only has so much free time so it is prudent to decide how you spend that time. Simple as that.

2. I hate never having enough time. I actually wish I could skip sleep because I need more time. I have lists of things that need to be done at work and I could easily stay until five or six every day. I have books that need fixed, reviews I need to read, magazines that need organized.. a billion books to be read...on and on. I need to start doing inventory, too. After school is out I will do some of these things, but I really like to get out of there just like everyone, but I also hate thinking about what has been left undone so I just do some of it. I do limit this time because summers are getting shorter and shorter and I am anxious to go home to PA and see family. This year we start back Aug. 13! I try to start some of these projects while school is going but the constant interruptions make is so counter productive and I end up making a lot of errors and having to redo things....so it is better just try to do them when I am alone in there.

3. This is what I hate most....I hate to see people I care about suffering and not being able to make it go away. A teacher came running into my library yesterday in tears because her grandchild is very ill and she was leaving and getting a sub. Her class was coming to the library so she wanted to give me a heads up that they would be accompanied by a sub. I am praying it is not as bad as she is thinking. Another teacher I know was just diagnosed with cancer and there are several I know battling this disease and of course Dr. Dale's battle with ALS. I have to believe the Lord hates it as well....it is just part of us living in a fallen world and He is not the source.

Sophie is looking at me and saying, hey, Mom, I need someone to play with and you're are too cheap to buy me a buddy, pplleeezzzzzzzeeeeeeee come play. So, yes, I will play some. I think I enjoy it as much as she does. I think it is therapy and I have laughed a lot more since she came to stay. Hide and seek is our game. She is getting smarter and it is getting tougher.

Stay tuned for "Three things I love....."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The April Fool, Weddings, Puppyfest

I survived another April Fool's day at the Junior High....I forgot it was April Fools Day so the first kid who told me a story "got me". He looked all upset as he looked at the newspaper and he said, "look here...there is a story telling about how the State lost the LEAP test for three Parishes". My mouth fell open and I said, "Oh no! You are kidding....what will they do?" He pretended to read on and he said there was some suspicion it was intentional theft, but there are no suspects. I kept thinking...I just don't see how this is possible with as careful as they always are with these tests. Anyway, finally he started laughing and he said, "April Fools!!!" I was so angry....this happens to me too much for my age. I need to quit think everyone is telling me the truth. I think I am THE April fool!

It is the time of year when wedding shower invitations and wedding invitations start streaming in. I have always spent a lot of time trying to figure out just the right gift within my budget, but I have decided gift certificates are what I am going to do from now on. Josh and Randi enjoyed using their gift certificates months after their wedding when needs arose. Young people usually don't know exactly what they are going to need until they are settled in their homes. How could they? They have never been married before. It is hard for them to discern what will end up collecting dust and what will be used on a daily basis because most of them have never outfitted a kitchen....so gift certificates seem to be the perfect answer.

On a completely different subject....Sophie had a friend over to play. Mochi Boersma, the Chinese Pug, came up and the two of them ran and ran and ran and ran. Sophie is plain nuts acting. Mochi had some decorum, but Sophie was just jumping over, under, around Mochi and even punching her like a kangaroo. Mochi didn't seem to mind. She is tough....either that or Soph isn't nearly as rough as she likes to put on. They never had a cross word for each other though. We thought that no growling was amazing as wild as they were playing. Finally, both got in Sophie's pink bed and rested....tongues hanging out and loudly panting. Two minutes of rest and Sophie was back at it. Mochi looked at me like she was saying, "HELP! I need some more rest here." I picked Mochi up and Sophie continued to jump straight up and down punching into the air like a kook. Mochi has had her operation...Sophie's is coming up soon. Maybe that will settle Soph down some. We surely hope so! Right now as I am typing she is conked out at my feet. She should sleep all night tonight! Yipeee.... I wonder what two bichons of the same ilk would be like. If I had the money for vet bills for two dogs I would find out.

It is almost time for me to get in the bed....tomorrow is my early morning duty. I just have to be there twenty minutes early, but breakfast duty is from 7:20 until 7:50. It is a long half and hour for some reason.