Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodmorning at 3 AM?!

Before I begin....take a look above and check out the changing stats! I am not sure how I feel about them.....and also not sure what it says about us, the humans, living on this planet.

So I am awake at 3:00 AM! SO! you say! There are a lot of people who can't sleep and for a variety of reasons. The difference is I know why and who to blame.

The doc has told me I need to ween myself off of my estrogen pills because they are EVIL and although they have wonderful keeping my skin soft and younger, keeping my brain more nimble, causing my bones to be stronger and my mood to be sweeter... it seems I must STOP taking them. I told the doc that due to my hysterectomy I would have less estrogen than women who still have their ovaries. (Ovaries do produce some estrogen even after menopause). The response was that I still must ween myself from estrogen! I guess the studies from the cancer society trump everything else.

So now I am thinking of substituting testosterone and seeing what happens there....well, except for the obvious full beard I will grow. Hey, that could lead to a whole new career except I have always been a little afraid of clowns and just watching high wire acts gives me hives.

So let me just say as I am indeed weening so I may be HERE a lot complaining about my desire for sleep and how I could be sleeping soundly if I were not estrogen deprived.....and how my brain is fuzzy, my skin is like the Marlboro man's, my bones are thinning and I fall asleep at red lights and stop signs.

Frailty, thou name is woman...I mean, Debbie, unless I figure this whole hormone deal out.

Pass the soy milk and tofu :\.